Nocturne of Sorrow, Orsal J


Joining the group is a small, slender elf, clearly from nowhere nearby.

His skin is very dark--not black like the drow, but deep yellowish brown, as if he has been tanned through and through by the sun. His long, black hair is perfectly straight, and gathered into a braid that extends to his waist. It has been tied back with a saffron-yellow sash that wends its way down the braid's length, and is capped with a brass point.

His outfit is very simple. A loose white linen tunic with only the barest amount of styling is above similar loose white linen breeches. He wears leather sandals, and slight glimpses of leather armbands are visible, with a number of tiny bone and metal points ensheathed. The only evidence of his spending any time locally is the finely crafted rapier at his belt.

He greets the group with a deep bow, tossing his braid forward and causing the brass tip hit the floor with a *snap*. "Many greetings, fellow questers. Some know me, some do not. I am Quozen Ilphukiir, of the Monastic Order of the Nightingale. I concede that I am most excited by our mission, and feel it shall be one of great learning. My sword and fist are at your service."
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Hasin Dwarven Ranger

Hasin approaches the group
the dwarf looks around at the rest of the party- frowns and shakes his head sadly.

SO, it looks like we are fated to die together after all! Quozan, Jace- Droogle my cousin! As to the rest of you, I am Hasin, ranger I hail from the lands of fire where the only thing hotter then the sands are our women! HA HA!
The dwarf is ugly, and crude. his clothing however is clean and neat. He is dressed in layers of light colored robes and an intricately wrapped scarf adorns his head. His beard is short and neat.
the most obvious weapons are a large clean axe and the new looking spikes jutting from his armor
I hope we can work together well- Quozan, Jace Droogle and I have...had some action together recently- and I assume you will all be fine additions to our group
Hasin eyes them- silently sizing them up
We're doomed
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*The delegate from Monemvassia gathers the group together for a meeting. He brings with him a red-haired young woman dressed in similar robes.*

"Greetings adventurers. I am sure you all know me, the great Monemvassian Court Wizard Wimpell Frump. Why don't you each tell me why I should choose you as one of the members of my team in the name and glory of the great nation of Monemvassia?"


Jace stands up straight, Well, for starters, We've volunteered for this assignment to do our part to save the world from an ancient undead evil, so if you reject us, you can go home and pray for a quick death.
Second, we each have some skills to contribute to our mission. For example, I can channel divine energy into spells. If you stay on my good side, I might even frighten away the undead guards we will surely face
Intimidate Frump (1d20+1=21)
OOC: Jace's comments are venomous because he noticed everyone from Orussus avoiding Frump, and is suspiscous.
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"Hmmm, no then, not you. You are clearly do not have the appropriate demeanour and character to be trusted on such a mission. For all I know, you could be planning to sell out our glorious kingdom to the Lichwyrm. As sponsor, I shall have to find someone a bit more reliable. Fortunately, there were other adventurers left over. Gloria, go find someone better," Frump shakes his head, "Someone with the sense not to try to intimidate his new patron and a mighty Wizard to boot."
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jaker2003 said:
OOC: oh, C'mon, I rolled a natural 20!
(OOC: Was that Intimidate check in there to begin with or was that the edit? I swear I didn't see it.

I'll roll an opposed check, but remember Frump gets to add his character level + Wis bonus + fear bonuses

14 + 10 = 24

It stands. You could try to kiss up to Frump to get him to change his mind though)
(OOC: Since Frump is easily shaken by people of noticably greater power, I would give you a circumstance bonus if not for the fact that Frump is significantly more powerful than you. It may be easier to kiss up to him and use Diplomacy than it is to Intimidate him though.


Quozen nods deeply. "Good Wizard, I am but here as a servant to retrieve the Nocturne Shard. I do this not out of fear, nor for glory, but out of curiosity and self-discovery. Any glory that we should find and gain along the way is yours, and your nation's, exclusively. If you have any further concern, then know that I do not intimidate. I welcome the presence of your representative."


Jace stands up for himself, We're trying to retrieve a lichwyrm's phylactery from a region of undead, we may need all the help we can get. Especially a cleric, whose magic tends to be more potent against such vile creatures. I may even be able to turn away the undead before you had need to expend your spells. Does my atitude really matter if I'm willing to cooperate and lay my life on the line?
Does my atitude really matter if I'm willing to cooperate and lay my life on the line?
"Yes. Why yes it does. See, this Elf here is a trustworthy fellow. I can trust such a dangerous and crucial item to him because of his sincere and humble manner. But as for you, what good is it if you beat back the undead and then steal the shard for yourself, cackling maniacally that your dark master will be served? Not one whit, that's what," Frump grabs a plum tart off a tray and eats it, "Besides, we've got what looks like a gaggle of clerics here, and one more if we find that Baldrian fellow. Gloria, quit tarrying girl, go get me some more choices!"


Jace replies, You say that you are a mighty wizard, how can anyone expect to cross you and survive? What good is it to steal away the shard if I am disintegrated before leaving its vault? Besides, we all swore to a magical oath that we do not serve the lichwyrm. If you recall Xanthar confirmed that.
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*Frump snorts loudly.*

"Who knows, perhaps you joined up with the cult only today? Or maybe you aren't a cultist at all, but some other form of deviant who would turn upon his betters, or a craven coward who speaks with great bluster but then will flee the moment things get tough. We need people of high moral caliber. Now, if you don't have anything more to say, why don't you get out of our sight? The true heroes are going to meet and discuss some secret info, and we don't want to let disgruntled ex-expedition members who go turncoat to the Lichwyrm dull Monemvassia's glory. I think that Quozen shall be Gloria's lieutenant. After all, who better than a Monk to go looking for a Monastery?"


Jace yields, Very well. I hope my friends serve you well. Before I am formaly dismissed, allow me to apologise for my behavior and wish you luck in your endeavor. May the gods above bless your quest.
OOC: Okay, I've complimented him and proved my loyalty. If this doesn't work, he can burn in his afterlife.

C'mon Invisible Castle . . . Sweet talk Frump2 (1d20+2=19) Woohoo!
(OOC: Nice rolls! It's a start)

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you clearly. Could you repeat that? Did you just say 'I'm sorry Great Master Frump. My impetuous and snippy nature is surely the result of my poor upbringing and I beg your forgiveness for the insults I made to the great and mighty kingdom of Monemvassia and its people?' "


Jace smiles, Yes, Great Master Frump, I am sorry for my behavior. I should not have acted so rashly. I beg the pardon of the great nation of Monemvassia and its people.