Nocturne of Sorrow, Orsal J

(OOC: I think the issue with shooting Gloria is stabilising Dorrin. Of course, if you have a CLW, you can shoot away his horse and ready to use CLW on him while he falls, hoping that 1d8+1 will counteract 2d6 falling damage enough that he will live. You do have two priests of the god of luck though--maybe you should give it a try ;) If nothing else, it is theoretically possible that Jace could end the fight in a single attack at this point (Quozen can't end it in a single flurry though))


OoC: Yup I know. Though it would be 1d8+2+ how many hp till he dies vs. 2d6. I figure, ya know, play the odds. Trust in Grendath and all that jazz. ;)
(OOC: If you go for that strategy, I place the odds at 1/20 that Jace will kill the critter himself (though last round's roll was an example of what would have been done it), and if not, there's still a 4/20 chance that he will smack it enough for Quozen to have a chance to finish it off. Of the rest, 5/20 hits Gloria and 10/20 misses.

At the very least, if Quozen throws shuriken, they probably won't kill Gloria, but any damage dealt to the undead means that the spawned one is also weaker, so it's doubly useful if you let it spawn.

In any case, I need to hear from Quozen before we continue)


ooc: I'm with ya LogicsFate. If you can't trust your god to keep you alive, who can you trust? (well, I guess I'd be trusting the character judges to let me make a new guy... :uhoh: :D )


OoC: I worry he hasn't been around for a few days. :\
[sblock=Valan update nothing to see here.]
Cha 4
Hp 5
0-Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, Prestidigitation, Guidance
1-Doom, Magic Weapon(Wis), Disguise Self(Domain), Divine Favor[/sblock]

Edit: Only cast one CLW on myself I believe. Couldn't find any other castings. (Was about to before I got melded.

Also, ow Cha 4, I feel dirty... like a Dwarf. Kidding, mostly. :heh:
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(OOC: In light of his absense, I will roll for him)

*Quozen flings two shuriken at the melded Gloria. One of them goes extremely wide, and the other deals minor damage to the kite.*

*The undead creature continues to feed on Gloria and her flesh.*

(OOC: 3 Damage, 22 total. Good thing he rolled a 2 to hit on the other one, as it would have hit Gloria

Gloria takes 2 Cha damage.

Valan. Jace, and Quozen. Heck, I'll just roll for Quozen again. There's a non-zero chance he will kill it (but probably not)...let's see:

:lol: I rolled enough damage to kill it *and* both attacks went for the kite instead of Gloria on the 50/50, but they also missed, including a natural 1)

*Quozen tosses two more shuriken and misses both times. Perhaps Jace will end this threat once and for all?*
(OOC: Hmm, 1d8+1 + 3 HP of buffer averages to 8.5, while the fall averages to 7. That means that after two more rounds, Dorrin should expect to die from the fall, on average. Of course, the variance is high)
*The undead drains away more of Gloria's force of personality and thens moves off, spawning another kite. Gloria immediately moves to Dorrin and rips his clothes in order to bandage his bleeding wounds. She manages to stabilise him.*

(OOC: Two unmelded enemies, both with 22 damage. Since the next actions for Jace and Quozen are obvious, I'll roll them to fast-forward. And woot! Natural 20 for Jace. That's one undead down)

*Jace nails one of the two undead right between the bones, impaling it on the bolt as both fall to the ground, motionless. Quozen tosses 2 shuriken at the creature, only one of which hits.*

(OOC: Jace kills one of them, Quozen hits for 3 Damage)

*The last remaining undead flees. Gloria shoots it to death with her crossbow.*

(OOC: Fin! Everyone gets 300 XP

We are left with Jace, Valan, Quozen on the ground, Gloria conscious and mounted, Dorrin in negative HP and mounted, dwarves in Cha-loss comas and mounted)


Jace calls up to Gloria, "If you can bring Dorrin down, Valan and I can heal your wounds!
Unless you think you can fly one of us up there!
"He has really heavy armour you think he would mind if I dropped his armour twenty feet to the ground?...I feel bad because I already ripped his clothes...Do you think Valan could take off his armour and I can bring Valan up? But..."

"Dorrin is a heavy man. Even with no equipment, actually, I don't think the mount could handle him or Valan. With Valan it might be closer, but it's supposed to hold not much more than 100 pounds over the rider's own weight, right? I don't think that it is feasible. Those horses...are going to run out of duration soon anyway, aren't they? I think we might as well have me push Dorrin and the others off. I don't feel safe going on ahead while the duration lasts, lest I be attacked again alone."

"Hmmm....we about...okay, what if I positioned myself just below Dorrin a bit less than ten feet, and you destroy the horse. Then he falls less than ten feet but I catch him, and then I have to immediately drop him because he overburdens the horse, but that should slow down his fall, and then someone down there heals him at the last stretch?"


"If Valan can cure Dorrin as he falls, it may work." Jace pulls out his bedroll and winter blanket, spreading them on the ground below Dorrin.
(OOC: Let's go for it!)

*Gloria sets up below, and everyone destroys the horse, allowing her to catch him temporarily and then drop him for Valan. In the end, Dorrin is neither healed nor injured further.*

(OOC: Damage totalled out to exactly equal to the healing)

"Will the dwarves be okay if we just drop them? They're way too heavy for me to try to temporarily catch."
*They knock the dwarves to the ground.*

(OOC: Hasin takes 8 Damage and Droggle takes 5)

"We should find cover or something and find a safe place to sleep."