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Nominate The Top 10 Mobile Apps For Tabletop RPGs!

Back in January I took nominations for the best RPG podcast of 2018, and everybody voted The Adventure Zone (best actual play) and The Good Friends of Jackson Elias (best talk) as the winners. Now I'm doing the same with mobile apps -- what are your favourite RPG mobile apps?


Here's how it works: anybody can nominate a mobile app (but you can't nominate your own). Simply post the name, a one-sentence description, and a link below. I'll keep nominations open for a week, and close them on Thursday 25th July, midnight UK time. We'll then all spend a week voting, and I'll announce the results.

The app must be specific to tabletop RPGs; while Spotify may be awesome for streaming appropriately dramatic music, it's not designed as an RPG accessory. It must be an accessory to gaming, not an actual RPG itself (so no Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition!) Otherwise, you can nominate dice rollers, encounter managers, soundboards, anything designed for use with a tabletop RPG.
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Russ Morrissey



The only phone app I'm using as regards my RPG hobby is the one I'm using right now, the EN World forum app

Von Ether

The Crawler’s Companion
The free app, that won a 2013 Silver Ennie is still a winner while letting you run Dungeon Crawl Classics without looking at a single spell casting result chart or picking up a physical die and even has campaign and character managers so with proper management the only thing you may need is just a map.

I'd almost want the moblie app category to be broken down by "best tablet" and "best phone" style apps sometimes there can be a world of difference between the two.


can i vote DOWN on the dndbeyond mobile app until they add the character sheet thats been in the works since it rolled out, 1.5+ years ago?

R Karan

First Post
I have two favorite apps:

d20 Calculator
A brilliant dice roller in the shape of a calculator. I’ve tried many dice rollers but this one is easy to use and, when needed, accepts complex setups without head-scratching.

Rory’s StoryCubes
StoryCubes offer a nifty solution for GM improvisation. Roll the digital dice and the symbols will (almost) always spark an idea. I use it for random encounters, room contents, NPC backgrounds and entire scenarios. It gets bonus points for having genres that can be mixed freely.

Sir Brennen

Another vote for Fight Club 5 (and it’s companion app, Game Master 5). Most of my group uses it, and makes sharing copies of characters very easy


I use D&D Beyond for referencing items, spells, and rules while running or playing. I use Fantasy Grounds on my tablet for encounters, maps, initiative, and character tracking. The only thing bad about D&D Beyond is the cost, but for me it is worth it.
i use FG from my laptop to a tv on the table. How do you run the FG program from a tablet? Maybe I missed something so thanks for a response.


First Post
i use FG from my laptop to a tv on the table. How do you run the FG program from a tablet? Maybe I missed something so thanks for a response.
Sorry, I should have been more clear. My tablet is a Microsoft Surface Pro running Win 10. Unfortunately there is no current version of Fantasy Grounds for IOS or Android.

Jimmy Dick

Second for Pathbuilder

For me the best character editor/creator for Pathfinder ever. A new version for PF2 is also in the making:
I would like to second Pathbuilder as a great app. As an Android user, I am disappointed in HeroLab Classic's lack of an app for that system. I can't say I am in favor of HLO, but over the next six months I am really hoping more apps are available for Pathfinder 2, especially for Pathfinder Society gameplay.