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Nominate The Top 10 Mobile Apps For Tabletop RPGs!

Back in January I took nominations for the best RPG podcast of 2018, and everybody voted The Adventure Zone (best actual play) and The Good Friends of Jackson Elias (best talk) as the winners. Now I'm doing the same with mobile apps -- what are your favourite RPG mobile apps?


Here's how it works: anybody can nominate a mobile app (but you can't nominate your own). Simply post the name, a one-sentence description, and a link below. I'll keep nominations open for a week, and close them on Thursday 25th July, midnight UK time. We'll then all spend a week voting, and I'll announce the results.

The app must be specific to tabletop RPGs; while Spotify may be awesome for streaming appropriately dramatic music, it's not designed as an RPG accessory. It must be an accessory to gaming, not an actual RPG itself (so no Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition!) Otherwise, you can nominate dice rollers, encounter managers, soundboards, anything designed for use with a tabletop RPG.
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Game Master made by Lion's Den is totally awesome!

I use it to run 3 separate D&D campaigns and it totally keeps up with all the PC's, NPC's, combat initiative, hit points, full monster stats with pictures and everything. It is available on IOS for iPhone and iPad. I wouldn't consider running a game without it.

Joaquim Rodrigo

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I use one literally called "5e companion app"

It has tools for DMs like: Bestiary, Party Tracker and Encounter manager; and it has a Character Sheet creator/editor for players or crazy people like me that does fifteen Chars to never play
The app is a little counterintuitive but you can use every feature it has for free


Well, that was fun
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Nominations are now over. I'll post the poll soon, and include all the apps which were nominated with a valid link. Thanks folks!


***Whoops, please delete, did not see there were three pages and poll already over!***

5th Edition Spellbook

I find this spellbook management tool for Android very useful. Allows multiple characters and spellbooks, you can add custom races, spells, etc into it and it has a nice simple, friendly interface with good filtering capability:



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