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She also hated me when I asked her to set tiny yellow diamonds individually in a necklace made of three strands of gold. They're so small you don't even see them, but when they catch the sunlight they shine like laser beams.
That sounds gorgeous! You really should get in the habit of photographing your stuff, or having someone do it for you. Building up a photographic portfolio can boost sales.

Edit: I wanted to post this earlier, but it was inexplicably missing from the image hosting site I had uploaded it to a while back. This is one of the pieces a (different) jeweler hated ME for commissioning. Soooooooo many small, uncooperative pieces to join together…


It’s a deconstructed take on the window behind the Emperor in the original Star Wars movies. The stone is garnet, and most of the metal is sterling silver. But the mini “broken curves” just inside the outer perimeter are 14kt yellow gold.
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