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Yes! I love hobbits!

My favorite was Mr. Emmerybird, a halfing blink wizard with a penchant for frogs and a wand of vanish. At the beginning of his career he would summon some giant frogs then pop around the battlefield by vanishing, walking, then reappearing next round as if he were teleporting from place to place. For some reason, over his career, he gradually became more and more obsessed with frogs and toads (I love it when characters take on a life of their own) and is now fixated on summoning the Froghemoth.

He's gotten better at true teleportation and has ditched the wand of vanish. He now blinks around the battlefield amid his army of frogs.

He now resides in a tesseract house where right angles do not exist.

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Some of my favorite Halfling art!


A silly image, to be sure, but I can't help but like it.

View attachment RoguePHB.webp
Clearly a halfling, looks cool, halflings throwing weapons always makes me happy.
river halflings.jpg

Riverboat halflings!

bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller
A. What is your favorite halfling PC you've played or played alongside or DMed for?
Kellamon Squoques, a small town sheriff who got involved in a world much bigger and more dangerous than the simple bar fights and land disputes he was used to solving. A 2e era fighter who was specialized in knives and slings, Kell was a competent fighter who never really wanted to fight.
2. What have you done with halflings in a homebrew world, or done to mod their place in a published world, that you're particularly proud of?
Az and Sel discovered the ability for halfling and dog to bond. This partnership powered their young city-state to become the Azsel empire, an expansionist state now thousands of years old with armies of dogs and halflings that swarm over the lands of the Everflow.

All Kin (halflings, humans, goliaths) in the world bond with animals, but it is halflings that were first. That rose because they and dogs are both exceedingly loyal, familiar and cooperative.

Third. What's an idea for either of the above that you haven't gotten a chance to use yet, or haven't finished working out?
I need to add more of the river folk concepts that have spread around via the quality responses in the various halfling threads. Canoes, small sail, barge, etc could lean into a bit of the harfoot concept from Rings of Power that I love.
A halfling family being everyone on the boat or small fleet just makes sense.

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