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I remember the days when it was understood that all you needed to play D&D was a PHB, a DMG, a MM (or MC) and some dice. Anything else is nice, but not necessary.

As matters stand, even after culling my collection of countless books and boxed sets, I still have shelves of d20 material: 3.5E, D20 Modern, Star Wars D20, various d20 variants. Plus my 1st edition Dark Eye boxed sets and BECMI. I can play face to face with friends, or via Teams/Zoom/Skype. I'm happy.
This is my point.

Well, and also any good ideas to facilitate if we lose Beyond and/or Roll20 type stuff.

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Once I surveyed the wreckage and saw what was left, I would either roll with my existing books indefinitely -- I am very confident with homebrewing -- or move to a good surviving system.

It would take very little effort to nudge me back to Castles & Crusades. And now that I am back into my homebrewing swing, I'd likely release stuff under their third party license to make the game more my tastes (replaces the SIEGE Engine with a standard d20 resolution system, create a list of what pseudo-skills characters get based on their primary stats instead of just having the poor DM wing it).

Alternately, I could probably get scooped up by Shadow of the Weird Wizard.

In any case, I'm happy how much of my library is either systemless or OSR, since it's easy to convert to whatever would come next.

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Once it releases! Its been a while since we've had news of it.

That's a problem I have: both my go-to non-D&D games (SotDL and F-AGE) are supposed to be offering new core rule books someday so I'm kinda waiting on them to start a new campaign.
I suspect both will be publishing this year, given current mood amongst gamers and designers.

In the meantime, lining up what you'd want to use with a new system is also fun, IMO. I could easily imagine assembling a future campaign with Magical Industrial Revolution, The Stygian Library and the City Watch for a very Terry Pratchett campaign.


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I do have a lot of older stuff I could scan to make it easier to share with my group...hand't thought of that actually because last ime I checked into OCRing stuff, it was not worth the time nor the effort.
You could get a monthly subscription to Adobe Acrobat, makes OCRing a breeze also easy to save in MS Word format. Then cancel the subscription and use free readers for viewing and searching. There are free solutions for scanning to PDF and manipulating PDFs, including OCR, but the money is minimal. I could get everything scanned in under a month.

I used to use a product call Paper Port for Nuance which was excellent for scanning, organizing, and searching paper documents. Evernote is also pretty good. But I'm back to having my docs stored in ways that can be accessed by multiple tools easily. Local files, sync'd to Google Docs. I still have a lot of stuff in Evernote that I would like to export out as individual docs in based file system. Just too lazy.

But keep in mind, the point of this thread is you dont have to leave D&D.

I mean feel free too, I play Champions, Rifts, Fate, Savage Worlds, Alternity, etc., but you dont have to.
it is more if it goes badly people are likely to want to move on but nothing really feels up my street and getting a game is hard already for me.


I have no plans to stop playing D&D. I think all the OGL stuff is a tempest in a tea pot; I'm not worried about it in the least. As long as the game continues to be fun, that's what matters. And I have enough stuff to play forever, so buying new products from WotC or anyone else has been optional for a long time. Like always, I'll buy new stuff if it looks fun.


I decided six or seven months ago that I'd be skipping 6th Edition as I already own that edition, and don't need another X.5 Edition.

After being deeply, deeply disappointed by Ravenloft I thought that was going to be the final D&D book I would ever but, but decided to make a one-time exception for Dragonlance to run that with my online group. It's unfortunate that after buying every 5e book for seven or eight years after 2020 I just stopped buying content. WotC only seems interested in selling to new players 20 years my juniour.

I'll keep playing for now and see how long that lasts. I imagine when my online or in person game ends, finding a new group still playing 5.0 will be a challenge. So I'll probably just have to stop playing or move onto other games. That can be particularly hit-or-miss. It took me two months of constant looking to find a VtM game I liked.
I'll sit back and enjoy it while it lasts, knowing my time in the hobby now has an unknown deadline...


I'll still be playing, I don't think my friends and I are going to give mush thought to any potential changes in the OGL. Even though I'm planning to buy the new version, it looks like an improvement, we'd still play even if we stuck with what we currently have instead of moving to oneDnD, plenty of material and we make plenty of our own stuff so it's unlikely we'd get tired of using what we've got.

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