OD&D November 2013--Deluxe OD&D Reprint (White Box + Supplements I-IV)

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Slumbering in Tsar
Aye. And the people who don't like any new D&D get Pathfinder, which is good too. Or, if they don't like D&D at all, there's Savage Worlds, or the Warhammer 40k games, or the new Star Wars, or...

It's actually a pretty good time to be a gamer.

Amen to that!


You get Next. Everyone wins.
Not in DaveMage's perfect world, is my meaning.

I mean, I'm looking forward to Next, and hope they do a cool reprint of RC or B/X, but I have little interest in the 1e, 2e, or 3e reprints. But my reaction when they've come out was, "That's awesome for those who are into those editions." I guess I don't get the idea of, "This thing I like is awesome. Pity they're creating different stuff for other people."

Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
Actually, it really does not require Chainmail. In fact, I don't know anyone who has actually used Chainmail as the combat system for OD&D..including Gary Gygax. The so-called "optional system" was what we used right from the start.


When we started playing D&D in 1974, most of my fellow gamers had been playing Chainmail for a couple/few years, so we used Chainmail. As newer players not familiar with Chainmail came on board, I believe that prompted us to eventually switch over to the "optional system." By then, though, the AD&D books were beginning to get released so the point was moot as we (the gamers I played D&D with at the time) all switched over to AD&D (1E).



Just popping in to say: SOLD! As soon as I can pre-order this puppy, my $200 will be in WotC's bank account. I'm going to also suggest to my group that they may want to start saving up for it. I have all the original books anyway (lost the box...if I ever had it...can't remember now), but *damn* if that ain't a fine looking piece of ash! (the wood...the box is wood...maybe it's ash...*shrug*... ;) ).

Looks like WotC has finally given up and just said "Whelp, if n' ya can't beat 'em...join 'em!" with regards to all us grognards! :) Yay! Victory is ours! ... Now get off my lawn so I can drink my prune juice in peace! *mumble mumble*...young whippersnappers...*grumble*... ;)


Paul L. Ming


This is a cool set. A quick look at ebay shows the original white box at around $300 in fair condition, and the original woodgrain box at over $2000. Craziness! The originals didn't include Chainmail either, right? Amazon currently has the pre-order price at over 40% off, so it's under 90 dollars.

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