Now that 4e is upon us, what will you do?

What will you do?

  • Stop the current campaign, switch to 4th edition

    Votes: 39 19.4%
  • 4th edition is bringing me back to D&D. We're starting a new 4th edition campaign

    Votes: 36 17.9%
  • Business as usual - no conversions.

    Votes: 103 51.2%
  • We're converting our ongoing campaign to 4th edition

    Votes: 14 7.0%
  • We're converting our ongoing campaign to Pathfinder

    Votes: 18 9.0%
  • Stop the current campaign. Play something other than D&D for a while

    Votes: 8 4.0%
  • Stop the current campaign, switch to Pathfinder

    Votes: 7 3.5%
  • I have no freaking idea.

    Votes: 17 8.5%


So, I'm running a PbP game and the topic of whether to convert came up. It seems not feasible to convert given that the party includes a bard, barbarian and sorcerer. So, I'm curious what others plan to do.

This is a poll.

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der_kluge said:
This is a poll.

No it's not. :)

I'm sticking with C&C for my PBEM play, but I've ordered 4e and if it's good enough I'll seek to get a 4e campaign started. If not I'll stick with C&C for tabletop too.


5ever, or until 2024
der_kluge said:
This is a poll.


I'll be sticking with OD&D for my main game, although I wouldn't rule out playing in a 4E game, if someone else were to run it. (Heck, I'll play just about anything.)

I'm not into online play, but if I were running a PbP D&D game, I'd use 1E. The 1E combat rules have some elements that make them work well for abstract play with no minis or battlemat (e.g. Who Attacks Whom, etc).


5ever, or until 2024
With some effort I am bringing my current 3E game to an end. But I wanted to do that anyways.

Going forward, the difference with 4E is that we will be playing it, and hence D&D, instead of another game alltogether.


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Business as usual - no conversions.

edit --- . . . though what the future might hold, I don't know for certain. No-one in the local area, myself included, is buying the 4e books, let alone playing it or running it, so I know that is not an option at any stage. Other than that fact though, it's pretty open: Pathfinder looks good as a 3e upgrade, but we'll see; Mutants & Masterminds rocks; True20 is promising in terms of new material being produced (e.g., Interface Zero and True20 Ancients); and a number of other RPGs are a possibility, depending on who's running what type of thing. One last thing as well - A Song of Ice and Fire, the custom-system roleplaying game coming out soon from Green Ronin, is most certainly getting a playtest - it sounds amazing - and is likely to be adopted readily around here, subject to feelings post-playtest.
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We've wrapped up our campaigns for the most part, AoW will remain unfinished. One of my players is temporarily at the DM helm with Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (I finally get to play a Rogue again after 26+ years of DMming, woot).

After the Expedition, its RotRL and Pathfinder/3.5 for us. All the stuff we still love about D&D with a fantastic campaign setting.

Gaming is good again. YMMV.


My two main PbP post games are Age of Worms, Red Hand of Doom and Shackled City. There's no chance whatsoever that we'll be switching to anything, so it's business as usual as far as my main games go. I'm interested in dabbling, though, so I might play in a 4e game, and I'm currently in a Pathfinder one as well.



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The game i'm DM'ing was finishing shortly anyway and i'm looking at Pathfinder as a simple upgrade for my next campaign, the other games I play still have a long way to run so unless they dabble in PF, i suspect theyll stay 3,5 for a while

I'm sure someone will buy the books, and sooner or later we'll end up playing a 4e but i suspect it'll be after a bit of errata-ing has gone on and a few more books/options are released

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