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odd request(ot) (help me build a dragon!)


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i had an idea, it turns out it has been done, but i wanna do it anyway.

i would like to collect some clay from all the states and countries i can. if you live somewhere (and i know you do) please contact me if you can send me even a small tiny bit of clay from where you are.

i would like to make something out of all of them when i get a bunch. i have some ideas, but will have to see what kinds of clay i get.

any help would be appreciated, and i can offer a mug or somesuch to the furthest away and largest lump :)

thanks for your kind attention!

p.s. 1000 posts and nothing meaningful yet!
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oops, forgot my address:

that potter geek
9185 feathers chapel dr
somerville, tn 38068

hope to hear from some of you!


Princess of Florin
Can you tell us what states you have so far? And would clay from my backyard do, or does it have to be from a riverbank or somesuch?


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i have tn, mississippi, arkansas, ohio, kentucky and wv. just since my lat post i have added 2 :)

and any old clay will do, if you get it wet and it sticks together well, i will take it :)

hong, can you cover a whole continent for me?
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