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odd request(ot) (help me build a dragon!)

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orbitalfreak said:
If I get the time, I'll get you some clay from down here. I just sent off a package to auroragyps dice-collection project, so I'm happy to help another ENWorlder.

btw, you can make your sig an actual link by adding (url) (/url) tags around the address, replacing ( ) with [ ].

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alsih20's Clay Project

thanks for the clay and advice, i will try that :)

alsih2o said:
i have no preference for site or color, part of the kick for me is the differences. if you hap upon something purple or green i am thrilled, otherwise all clays please me :D

I'll have to wait until after the rain stops (I'm in Ithaca, so that could be 10 minutes, or a month and a half) but I think I know where I can acquire some green. Haven't seen purple around here, but you never know what you'll turn up in the gorges around here.


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I think its really nice people use the boards to get something that gives them a connection to people they dont know IRL.

I WILL dig up some clay for you to use.

What are you gonna make with it?


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i am thinking either a large dragon tile mosaic or a 3-d earth elemental sculpture, depending on how much i get and the variance in the quality :) thanks for asking.

i will let everyone here see what i make regardless of what it is :)


I'll take care of Michigan for you, Clay. The family and I are going to an apple orchard in the next week or two, so we'll see what I can dig up on the way. Too bad your project didn't commence a few weeks ago -- I could have gotten you clay from both of our fine peninsulas while we were on vacation.

*random side note*
I got my Orc & Pie t-shirt from BN a couple of weeks ago, and have worn it for each of our last two sessions. Normally I'm not one for the ubergeek RPG stuff, but I love my new t-shirt!!

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