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Old timers?


I joined during the lead up to 3E. I have taken breaks now and again, mostly for my own mental health, but I have always been here.

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5ever, or until 2024
Here a while.

Long enough to remember Hong and the other first wave of posters. Long enough to really get on Pirate Cats nerves when he still moderated.

But I still pronounced the “EN” as a single syllable, even after I knew who Eric Noah was.


Add my name to the list of those around for Eric Noah's original site and now lurking. I haven't played a TTRPG since about 1992, but still enjoy reading about various rules & systems. ENWorld plays a part in that.


I have been gone for a long while, and then could not get into my account, which further complicated posting. I finally recovered the account so I might post more often.

I think I first signed into ENWorld around Sept / Oct 2000, right after GenCon.

I do remember fondly @pogre Miniatures Threads and all the participants in the sculpting / casting challenge. BTW, a friend of mine did end up painting that amateur sculpt of the Warforged wizard. I have only done a few more sculpts, but my son is interested in sculpting so I'm going to have to dust off the green stuff putty.

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That's fantastic. My youngest son, who I believe was born shortly before I ran that sculpting project. For those who might be curious - I had folks send me greenstuff sculpts, I made rtv molds of everyone's sculpts, cast pewter miniatures, and then sent everyone a copy of everyone's miniature and their original sculpture and the rtv mold I made from their original.

Anyway, that youngest son of mine has far surpassed my sculpting skill.
Keegan's sculpt

Similar. I joined in 02, became less active when 4e and my first kid arrived, and then have gotten back into the forums and dnd in the last year or so.

aramis erak

Anyone still around from the "early" days of the site? gets out walker to move

I remember I started posting here around 2002. I don't have a high post count though compared to some.
Read, didn't participate, back in the 3E news era, but can't recall which years that means. Started participating in 2014... due to the closing of the WotC forums.

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