Old Timey CRPGs ... FOR THE WIN!

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One of the things I loved about Wizardry was that the manual included a bunch of cartoons by the same guy who did the cartoons in the DMG

I think Might & Magic more than The Bard's Tale really took things to the next level. The world was huge and weird.

Back in the day I never really played Bard’s Tale or Might & Magic, but I did dabble in Ultima and Wizardry. I do remember being utterly entranced by the art of the game boxes and advertisements. I keep meaning to revisit some of these old games via GOG.

Back then I was more of a text-parser fan. Games like Enchanter (man, remember how fancy the packaging on computer games could get?) and of course, the inscrutable Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

There’s one game that I can’t remember the name of. It had an overland mode combined with a first-person dungeon experience, and I think you just managed a single character. But what’s stuck with me most was that you could gamble and play Blackjack in it.

Ultima 1 got me into CRPG's...I played all of the Ultimas religiously. To me, the best was Ultima 7/ 7.5...a wonderful story, open world, and a game I can play over and over again.

I absolutely loved the original D&D gold box Pool of Radiance. I also remember it was effing HARD!!


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It's probably King's Quest III and Space Quest for me. I was all about Sierra games. That said, my fondest nostagia for this sort of thing is definitely reserved for Sword of Fargoal. I need to heal, I'm going to park my dude right here and come back in an hour... :heh: Good times.


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I remember all of those. Wizardry where the copy protection was you needed to be able to type in the nonsense words of the spell. Not something that would stop people with the internet.

Bards Tale I-III have been rereleased on Steam as backer rewards with the Bard's Tale IV kickstarter that fulfilled a year or two ago. I loved the Bard's Tale series on my C=64, was really ready for some old school action. But BT4 disappointed.

Same when I did the Shroud of the Avatar, new Lord British kickstarter a few years back. Just did not do it for me at all.
[MENTION=6993955]Fenris-77[/MENTION] mentioned Sword of Fargoal, I used to play that on my Vic-20. So much.

Anyone remember Alternate Reality, another from that era? I remember being astounded by the music on the C-64 version, the SID chip was great. A friend had it on Atari as well.

I have fond memories of my hobbit thief Barfo, my first CRPG character in Ultima I. He died a lot.


I never really did figure out the overarching story line to that game back then; I just enjoyed wandering Sosaria, fighting monsters, getting treasure, and stealing from shopkeepers.

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