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Omega Pathfinders Game Thread


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As the ramp clears, Mel grabs her rifle and storms out of the dropship, concentrating on the rhythmic *whrrr-clump* of her own footsteps to distract that animal part of her mind that still quailed at the sight of a towering warrior Bug squealing and lashing. She joins the impromptu front line that's formed and greets the bug directly in front of her with a chattering 'hello' straight from the bulky Morita in her arms.

"Just another routine rescue operation," she quips dryly.

(Moving to AA13, between 12 and 6, and firing a 5 round burst into Bug 1. Bonus is +4 (+7 normal, +1 for PBS, -4 for burst), doing 4d8+1 on a hit.)

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First Post
Carl wakes up from his reverie.

"Whoah!" he says in shock "I didn't realize the battle had started. It sort of crept up on me like a thread on a webforum you thought was still waiting on other players."

Carl runs out, draws his rifle and just starts blasting the first bug he sees.

3 Rounds Shooting:

Round 1: To-hit 18, Damage 9
Round 2: To-hit 24, Damage 8
Round 3: To-hit 21, Damage 14
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Btw, if I've made some terrible blunder (aside from not catching the post in which we said the game had started) let me know. This is my first time playing on the EN Forums though I've been playing Play-by-Post for over a year at Wizard's d20 Modern Games Forum.

As such I may be used to different standards. Like OOC in slate-gray, and the dice roller we use. If I make a big mistake just tell me and I'll edit my post accordingly.

Also I hope you don't mind me putting a spoiler block here. I'm never gonna be able to find the Rogue Gallery thread - I really make use of having a char sheet on the first page of a thread for quick reference.

[sblock=Char Sheet for Personal Reference]Carl Svenson
"Carl is tough, fast, strong... What more could you want from Mobile Infantry?"


Rolls here.

Class: Fast 2 / Strong 1
Occupation: Athlete (Climb, Jump, Tumble & bonus feat is Brawl).
Hit Points: 8 + 2d8 + 9 = 26(avg)
Defense: 21[22] (+5 class, +3 dex, +3 armour) [+1 vs melee - DMA]
Speed: 35ft

Ability Scores
STR: 16 (+3)
DEX: 18 (+4)
CON: 16 (+3)
INT: 14 (+2)
WIS: 12 (+1)
CHA: 11 (+0)

Fort +4; Ref +6; Will +1

Increased Speed (+5)
Melee Smash (+1)

Brawl (occupational)
Personal Firearms Proficiency (1)
Light Armour Proficiency (2)
Defensive Martial Arts (fast)
Street Fighting (3)

Balance +11 [10]
Climb +11 [10]
Hide +11 [10]
Jump +11 [10]
Move Silently +11 [10]
Sleight of Hand +11 [10]
Swim +5 [4]
Tumble +13 [12]
[] = with armour penalty

Brass Knuckles (personal)
Combat Knife
Brunham TW-102-s ‘Peacemaker’
Morita TW-203-a Rifle
Light Combat Armour w/ Ultralight Composition [reduces armour penalty by 1] (d20 Future)

Attack Rolls
Brass Knuckles (nonlethal) +6, 1d8+1d4+5 melee
Combat Knife (lethal) +5, 2d4+4 melee
Peacemaker (lethal) +6, 2d6 ranged
TW-203-a Rifle (lethal) +6, 2d8 ranged[/sblock]
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Mission 1. End of round 4.

Warrior Bug #1 strikes with a full attack against Trooper 3, (Modified melee attack rolls of 22 (Claw), 16 (Claw) and 19 (Bite), hitting Trooper 3 with one claw dealing 5hp damage!).
Warrior Bug #2 co-ordinating with it's companion full attacks Trooper 3, (Modified melee attack rolls of 19 (Claw), 21 (Claw) and 22 (Bite), hitting Trooper 3 with the bite dealing 6hp damage!). Trooper 3 screams in pain as the bugs bite latches around his left leg, (Modified grapple check for bug of 32 vs Trooper grapple check of 15, Trooper is grappled!), and pulls him closer.
Jacob puts a full burst into Bug 3 from his Morita, (Modified ranged attack roll of 20 + 7 (AB) + 1 (PBS) = 28, a hit, the bug paased it's reflex save (DC 15) again, so no damage), Jacob hears Rudy shout, "Check your shooting Trooper!".
Trooper 4 having fully overcome his fear now takes a shot at bug #3, (Modified ranged attack roll of 11 + 3 = 14, a miss).
Cyrill takes a 5' step back and autofires a burst into bug #2. (Modified ranged attack roll of 15 + 6 (AB) + 1 (PBS) = 22, a hit, the bug passed it's reflex save (DC 15) so no damage).
Rudy relizing that the bugs are too close takes a 5' step back to AB-13 and takes a shot at bug #2 which is grappling Trooper 3, (Modified ranged attack roll of 17 + 7 (AB) + 1 (PBS) - 4 (Trooper 3 in the way) = 21, a hit, doing 8hp damage!).
Carl runs out, draws his rifle and blasts the first bug he sees, Ranged attack roll of 21 against bug #3, a hit doing 10hp damage after DR!. Carl is happy to see both the bugs right legs shatter causing it to fall to one side and appears to be dying.
Mel exists (Moves to AA-13) the drop ship and sees the combat zone has changed slightly since looking from inside the ship, she fires a burst at bug #1, (Modified ranged attack roll of 19 + 7 (AB) + 1 (PBS) - 4 (Burst) = 23, a hit, doing 19hp damage!), she is happy to see the bug explode into a cloud of green and yellow goo. Bug #1 is dead.
Sergant Lawson happy to see the Troopers now exiting the dropship orderly gives a look of disgust at Trooper 5 who is cowering in the dropship and runs out to join his squad. Upon exiting he takes a shot and the flailing bug #3 with his Brunham pistol, (Modified ranged attack roll of 12 + 4 (AB) + 1 (PBS) = 17, a hit (Target was helpless), doing 1hp damage!). This was enough to kill the bug. Bug #3 is dead.
Kate pulls back on the flight stick and lifts the slingshot up to 50', angling her accent to ensure no blast from the engines hits the troopers.
Trooper 3 drops his Morita, pulls his Brunham pistol from his leg holster and tries to take a shot at the bug holding him, before he can get a shot off the bug bites down hard (Attack of Opportunity), doing 8hp damage! Trooper 3's limp body lands in Z-9 where the bug tossed him. Trooper 3 is dying.
Trooper 2 moves to Y-17 and takes a shot at bug #2, (Modified ranged attack roll of 11 + 3 (AB) + 1 (PBS) = 15, a miss).
Trooper 5 is onboard the slingshot.
Robert warns Rudy, "We have bugs approaching at your 10 o'clock sir! Looks like 4 warrior bugs with a plasma! ETA 10 min. Permission to give cover fire, sir?"
Rudy shouts at the squad, "Let's get that last bug down and get that sardine can launch open! We got more bugs on the way!".

Player actions please.

Ammo Status for current magazine:
Jacob 9
Cyrill 20
Carl 29
Mel 25

OCC: If players would prefer to roll their own rolls then that is fine, just post the results with your actions. The yellow denotes a dead creature. Light blue means ally in trouble.


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I'll try this no-rolls thing. :)

Carl takes a shot at any remaining bugs with his attack action and then moves as fast as he can towards the 'sardine can launch'.


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Jacob advances 25' forward to Z-14 and takes a single shot at bug #2

expendable temporary inventory[sblock] 8rounds in clip, 3 full TW-203-a mags left
15rounds in clip, 2 full TW-1020s mags left
2 M-901 HE grenades
1 MedKit
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