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Carl will form up on Sarge with the rest of the squad. While checking that me has a fresh mag in his Morita Carl decides to rather go with the Tinderbox (Hope I took one with on this mission, if not the Morita will have to do).

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Mel stays with Sarge, taking a shot at any Bug she can see that looks threatening...starting with the Hopper if it's still up. When the circle starts to move, she moves with it.

She does say, "Hey, Bishop. You were down in the bug hole. How thick would you say the wall between it and the fire goop is? How big a charge would we need to breach it?"


OCC: :( Sadly real life has totally swamped me... I am unsure of how long the turmoil will persist. I would like to however take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, for your time, enthusiasm and perseverance in sharing this adventure with me. I really enjoyed it very much and would like to continue some time in the future when life returns to a more normal state.

Thanks again,


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OOC: Stupid real life, go away!

Seriously, I hope things will go back to normal real soon for you, mariusm. I really enjoyed this game and I'd love to continue our little bug hunt. You did an excellent job running this campaign for us.


Cromm10k over!


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Well shucks!

I really hope we can continue this sometime. I say with complete honesty that I've been consistantly amazed with how this game has avoided all the pitfalls of PBP's. The pace has been excellent, the combats have been superlative, and even though it's largely been focused on the tactical side of things, I've really enjoyed the roleplaying as well! It's a great group, and we've had a great GM. That must be why this has been one of the longest-lasting PBP's I've ever been in.

I'd hate to see it go, but I know how things can be too. I hope things settle down for you, Maurism...and I hope you're still in the mood to run us when they do. :)

Until then, thanks, and good luck!

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