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Omega Pathfinders Game Thread


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Mel readies her Morita and starts moving off to the northeast, away from the burrow.

"Come on, Carina! Get clear! Everyone get clear!"

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"Time to hual a$$, Raul!"

Bishop runs toward the hatch while over the comm "This hatch is about to become a bug fountain... it looks like a very organised attack from their side. I'm with Carl on trying to blow this hatch!"


Mission 4. Encounter 2. Round 8.

Carl hustles 30’ East away from the trench.

The lead hopper crashes into the ground in a crumpled mess just 10’ from where Mel is standing while the second hopper swoops past Shin taking a swipe with a claw as it levels out, (Modified melee attack roll of 19 vs Defense of 23, a miss), but the strike is short and the hopper misses.

Shin spins round and shoulders her morita trying to regain her balance as she fires a burst at the hopper as it flies by, (Creating an opening in the confusion for the hopper to strike again, AOO roll of 16, a miss), (Modified ranged attack roll of 10 + 1 (AB) – 4 (Burst) – 4 (Longarm) = 3, a miss), but the slugs fly past the back of the hopper.

Mel moves 30’ North East covering the burrow as she goes.

Cyrill double taps the hopper as it swoops down to attack Shin, (Modified ranged attack roll of 20, confirmed critical roll of 12 + 10 (AB) – 2 (Double Tap), confirmed doing 13hp damage!), hitting the bug twice between the wings! That had to hurt.

Jacob guns the marauder into action and leaps 50’ away from the trench and lands in a professional manner ready for action.

The ring of fire closes in on BETA company as it was caught with its tail over the trench. The squad can see in horror how the arachnids plan comes to fruition with the rear guard being incinerated in an instant as the blue flames engulf the stationary column of mobile infantry. In one foul blast the arachnids have managed to decimate 35 troopers, 2 sergeants and 1 of the battle tanks has fallen into the flaming trench.

Raul does not need a second invitation and runs for the hatch at the end of the tunnel. As he bursts out into the sunlight again he is greeted by the flurry of a hopper assaulting Shin. Raul moves a little further north and drops to one knee aiming to fire a single round at the hopper.

Sarge moves 30’ east and fires a round at hopper #2, (Modified ranged attack roll of 3 + 11 (AB) = 14, a miss), but fires wide. “Form up troopers, we are going to get a lot of company by the sounds of it! Bishop, Raul get your butts up here! STAT!”, yells Sarge.

Bishop moves as quick as he can covering the 60’ back to daylight in a heartbeat. He swiftly exits through the hatch just in time to be greeted by a wave of hot air as the trench to the squads west bursts wide open with blue flames leaping into the air!

Carina is knocked off her feet by the sudden blast but quickly recovers her morita and turns to face the burrow.

BETA Company – Remaining strength

Commander – Captain Underwood
First Sergeant – Gino Ramez
Lieutenants – 5
Staff Sergeants - 5
Sergeants - 18
Troopers – 165

Arachnid Assualt Force – Remaining strength
Currently unknown

Squad actions please.

OCC: I will be away on vacation until Wednesday 2nd of May.


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Cyrill moves 30 ft. south and - yes, you are right - double taps hopper #2.

More to himself:"No, I don't want to be a smart a**, but I was soooo right about this trap. But who pays attention to a private? Freakin' boneheads in tanks... It's so hard to listen to reason. Rest in Peace, Troopers!"


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Mel runs to Sarge's righthand side and snaps a shot at Hopper 2. She comms to the squad, "Sarge, I think we should fall back to Beta's back end! If there's as many bugs as Bishop says, they could encircle us and cut us off. We'll have a better chance if we're part of a larger unit."

(+11 to hit)


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“Well while we are all throwing in our two cents worth” Carl starts “Sarge what are the odds of jump jetting back over to the other side of that burning trench. From there we can circle around to what’s left of Beta company and use the twin 50’s on the buggies to give them cover and shoot the c7@p out of some bugs. Should be like shooting fish in a barrel, I never herd of a bug being able to jump a trench that wide.”


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"May as well leave a little calling card for the bugs..."

Bishop kneels next to the hatch, pulls the pin from a grenande and puts it under the door in such a way that the weight of the door holds the mechanism of the grenade in place.


Mission 4. Encounter 2. Round 9.

Carl throws a question out eager for a response from Sarge.

Hopper #2 lashes out at Shin, (Modified melee attack roll of 21, a miss), clawing dangerously close to Shins left leg.

Shin brings the butt of her rifle down towards the hoppers outstretched claws, (Modified melee attack roll of 20, confirmed critical roll of 13 + 1 (AB) – 4 (Improvised Weapon) = 10, unconfirmed, doing 4hp damage), hitting the bug hard but the tough carapace absorbed most of the shock and cracked slightly from the blow.

Mel runs over to join Sarge and once there snaps a shot off at hopper #2, (Modified ranged attack roll of 18 + 11 (AB) – 0 (Precise Shot) = 29, a hit doing 3hp damage), a hit punching a hole in the hoppers right wing.

Cyrill moves 30’ south and double taps in the hoppers direction, (Modified ranged attack roll of 11 + 10 (AB) – 2 (Double Tap) – 4 (Cover, Troopers in the way) – 0 (Precise Shot) = 15, a miss), but the troopers in the way cause his aim to be a little off.

Jacob checks the systems on his marauder to make sure everything is fine and gets ready to move.

From BETA company the squad can hear confused shouts and orders but the confusion quickly subsides as the mobile infantry switches to combat mode. The various squads begin forming a defensive formation away from the still burning wall of blue flame encircling the human force.

Raul moves 15’ east and keeps his rifle ready to fire, pressed into his shoulder.

Sarge yells, “Omega form up on my position, create a defensive ring and we will move as soon as everyone is accounted for!”.

Bishop retrieves a grenade and slides it cautiously under the trap door. With the commotion happening just a few feet away Bishop concentrates but slipping a grenade booby trap is an old, well used trick, and proves to be no challenge at all. The trap door is now booby trapped.

Carina falls back to join the squad forming up at Sarges position. The wall of blue flame is extremely hot and her power suit squawked a heat warning when she was within 10’ of the trench.

From various points within the “circle” there are warriors popping out of the ground, from similar trap doors to what the squad has found. From the centre of the ring there is a huge swelling of ground as something huge starts pressing towards the surface.

Squad actions please.


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    Mission 4a22.JPG
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Cyrill sends two more bullets in hopper 2's direction (double tap) and he then moves next to Sarge.

"My two cents are moving together close to the "ring" to link up with Beta, Sarge. But don't listen to ... never mind, I'm just the Private here.


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"Hasta la vista," Bishop says with a silly smile as he successfully places the grenade.

THe smile is short lived as he grabs the SAW and turns to fire a burst at the hopper before regrouping with Sarge.

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