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Omega Pathfinders Game Thread


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Private Cyrill Kowaltzki

"This will be awesome! See you in hell, guys!!!"

Cyrill moves 30 ft. north and fires once more a single round at "his" hopper.

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The sight of all the bugs catches Bishop by surprise and he is speachless for a second.

"Sarge, I think its time to haul out the heavy weapons. There's a whole army of bugs down here and they're waiting for something but it don't look like they gonna be waiting much longer"

While remaining behind cover Bishop will try and get a better look at the army of bugs - they can't all get out through small hatches like the one Bishop and Raul are in so there must be another exit.


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Carl still hanging from Sarge’s lizard line :) :) :) starts to scramble up the edge of the tunnel trying to get out as quickly as possible.


Mission 4. Encounter 2. Round 7.

Carl is pulled free from the trench and is dragged a further 10’ further by Sarge as he moves backwards and winches in one continuous movement.

The hoppers continue their dive, covering 240’, now flying out of formation and are now flying approximately 30’ apart. The hoppers are now only 60’ above the squad.

Shin drops the trap door down again and fires a short burst at the wounded hopper, (Modified ranged attack roll of 16 + 1 (AB) – 4 (Burst) = 13, a hit doing 14hp damage!), catching the bug totally by surprise as it fails to adequately dodge out the way and rips the creatures right abdomen wide open. Hopper #1 is dying.

Mel backs up while winching Carina in, and Carina sails over the ledge and is free of the trench.

Cyrill moves 30’ North and aims at the lead hopper when he sees a burst of fire from Shin rip the bug apart so he quickly switches aim to the second hopper and fires, (Modified ranged attack roll of 16 + 10 (AB) = 26, a hit doing 7hp damage!), hitting the hopper in one of it’s back legs.

Jacob turns to face East and realizing he is going to be in deep trouble if he remains over the river and slams the forward controls down hard pushing the marauder up to 20' per round and moves 20’ east. From his raised vantage point Jacob can see the ground burst open in a wide semi circle approximately 500 yards to the East as large blue flames leap from the ripped rock, with the speed of the explosion in a matter of seconds the river behind the squad will ignite.

Raul tries to steady himself by leaning against the tunnel wall as the initial shock wave passes. The tunnels seem to be holding up fine from the blast. Raul waits nervously with morita ready.

As soon as Carl was pulled from the trench Sarge let go of his lizard line and shoulders his morita, aiming into the “centre” of the ring.

While trying to remain as unobtrousive as possible Bishop peers into the large chamber again. He can see that the bugs seem very organized, a sure indicator that there is a brain bug nearby. The warrior bugs begin to run up the numerous pathways and catwalks as if a signal has just been given! Looking further down the pathway where Bishop is standing he can see it leads off into the distance before dropping into a tunnel. Bishop gets the feeling in his gut that he is standing in the way of a looming tidal wave.

Carina scrambles to her feet letting the lizard line drop as she readies her morita.

Squad actions please.


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"Take cover everybody! The fertilizer bomb is going off!" Jacob will call over the radio as he Fires off his jumpjets to get the muarader off the ground in the off chance that the explostion takes out the ground beneath him.


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Carl shouts to Bishop “Get the hell out of that hole” and then to the whole squad “Does someone have a charge big enough to seal that hole once everyone is out, We need to stop them from swarming us.”

“On second thoughts if anyone has some nerve gas etc…
that might also work…..”
Carl continues.

Carl will move 30 feet west to try get away from the ensuing explosion.

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