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Omega Pathfinders Game Thread


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Private Cyrill Kowaltzki

After Cyrill is sure that the dying bug is now a good (=dead) bug he drops his Morita to the ground and runs to Trooper 3.


Edit: I've got no ranks on heal...dang!
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Mission 1. End of round 5.

Bug #2 lunges 5' forward and full attacks Mel, (Modified melee attack rolls of 15 (Claw), 14 (Claw) and 13 (Bite), missing with all three attacks).
Jacob advances 25' forward to Z-14 and takes a single shot at bug #2, (Modified ranged attack roll of 4 + 7 (AB) + 1 (PBS) = 13, a miss).
Trooper 4 moves to AD-13 and takes a single shot at bug #2, (Modified ranged attack roll of 10 + 3 = 13, a miss).
Cyrill fires one shot at bug #2, (Modified ranged attack roll of 13 + 6 (AB) + 1 (PBS) = 20, a hit doing 2hp damage), the shot hitting the bug in the side but that was enough to cause it to stagger and fall backwards. Bug #2 is dying.
Rudy yells orders saying Trooper 4, Trooper 2 and Sergeant Lawson must head to the West side of the launch and form a line to greet the new bugs as they arrive. Rudy gives Robert the ok for suppresive fire to give the squad some time to rescue any survivors in the launch.
Carl moves as fast as he can towards the 'sardine can launch'. Runs 13 squares to O-14 the launch bay door. The bay door looks pretty busted up from the crash landing.
Mel hotfoots it towards the launch, stopping next to Carl in O-13.
Sergeant Lawson heads to Trooper 3 to see if something can be done for the poor chap, (Heal check of 13 + 1 = 14 vs DC 15, fail), he can't however seem to stop the bleeding.
Kate takes the Slingshot up to 100' and turns towards the oncoming bugs, she says to Rudy, "Best estimate 3 clicks to bugs sir! Better update that ETA to 8min.".
Trooper 3, (Fort save of 4 + 3 = 7 vs DC 20), does not stabalize this round and looses a hp.
Trooper 2 runs to where he was ordered to go, moves to J-7.
Trooper 5 is onboard the slingshot.
Robert takes aim with the twin rotary front cannons, waiting until Kate gets the ship in range before opening up.

Player actions please.

Ammo Status for current magazine:
Jacob 8
Cyrill 19
Carl 29
Mel 25


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Skrittiblak said:
Carl takes a shot at any remaining bugs with his attack action and then moves...

[OOC:]I took a shot last turn! Ah well, there's always this turn.[/OOC]

Carl takes a shot at one of three bugs with his attack action and then moves inside the launch with his move action. He has a quick look around (spot check?)


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Jacob moves over to Trooper 3 and attempts to stabalize

expendable temporary inventory[sblock]
8rounds in clip, 3 full TW-203-a mags left
15rounds in clip, 2 full TW-1020s mags left
2 M-901 HE grenades
1 MedKit[/sblock]


Mission 1, Update.

Currently the launch interior is inaccessible due to the damaged bay doors...

Jacob moves over to Trooper 3 (Y-9) and attempts to stabilize, (Heal check of 1 + 1 = 2 vs DC 15, a fail).
Trooper 4 moves to T-13.
Cyrill double moves west (S-11) to the Launch and he will look for survivors, Spot: You see no body lying outside the ship which looks to be still intact but damaged.
Rudy yells at the troopers to form that defensive line and proceeds to T-9.
Carl takes a shot at the last dying bug #2, (Modified ranged attack roll of 10 + 6 (AB) = 16, a hit doing 5hp damage), the bug twitched as the bullet cut through it's hard shell and continues to bleed. Spot: You confirm what Cyrill saw.
Sergeant Lawson continues to administer first aid to Trooper 3, (Heal check of 7 + 1 = 8 vs DC 15, fail), and yells, "Medic! Who can help here!")
Kate drops the nose of the slingshot down and heads towards the oncoming bugs, (Heading NNW away from the squad, distance 50', Current air speed: 50, Altitude: 100')
Trooper 3, (Fort save 18 + 3 = 21 vs DC 20), miraculously stabilizes and will not loose any further hp.
Trooper 2 stands watch looking for any sign of trouble.

The next couple of minutes the squad spent trying to gain access into the launch via the damaged bay doors, while Kate and Robert tried to slow the progress of the approaching bugs. The actions starts up again after the squad had managed to gain access and found the following:

The pilot, a star marshal and a prisoner are lying dead inside with another star marshal still alive. The surviving star marshal pulls his sidearm as the door gives way thinking that the bugs had gained entry. Once he sees the troopers he yells, "Let's get the hell out of here!".

The approaching bugs are presently 2000' away (10 rounds of movement) with the slingshot taking pot shots at them but not very successfully since Kate has to keep dodging the sporadic plasma blasts from the large lumbering plasma bug. Rudy gives Kate the order to get back here and pick up the squad.

Squad actions please.


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Private Cyrill Kowaltzki

Cyrill joins Corporal Jackson and the other troopers at the "defensive line". He takes cover in the rough terrain and will open fire on the bugs when they come into range (hopefully making good use of his far shot feat -> max. range with 10 range increments: 1875 ft. with a -18 modifier.) He will fire single shots.

"Damn it, I would give my right arm for a real sniperrifle..."


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Jacob will toss his rifle and a spare clip to the star marshal and then begin preping trooper 3 for movement onto the slingshot

[sblock=expendable temporary equipment]gun given to marshal, 2 full TW-203-a mags left
15rounds in clip, 2 full TW-1020s mags left
2 M-901 HE grenades
1 MedKit[/sblock]


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With the launch open, Melara runs to the injured trooper, attempting to assist the sergeant give aid.

(Aid Another 1d20+2 vs DC 10...if successful will give +2 to sarge's Heal check)

"We gotta hurry! Company on the way!"

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