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if he can, jacob will try to toss his last HE gernade down the bughole, and if he cannot he will instead hop on one of the launches gun turrets and try and take a shot at the plasma bug

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"Carl, get your ass IN HERE!" Melara snaps over the comm to the last mobile trooper outside. She then looks at the Sarge. "Rudy's still out there. He's down, but he could be alive. Permission to go grab him?"

As she talks, she yanks her nearly expended magazine out of her rifle and slaps a fresh one in.


Mission 1. Round 19.

Plasma remains at 1880', but seems to be taking aim!
Trooper #2 unconscious and stable.
Kate turns the slingshot so that the sergeant can have better access to Rudy.
Jacob has to stow his grenade as the target is now not available anymore.
The fake star marshal disappears down the hole right behind Bug #1.
The rest of the squad watches as Sergeant Lawson jumps out of the slingshot as is passes slowly over Rudy, in one swift motion the sergeant rolls Rudy over and grabs his lizard line. He then dives back into the slingshot and clips Rudy’s line into the door hook. “Pull him in”, he shouts as he ducks out of the way of Carl clambering aboard.

As Kate banks away from the launch crash site the squad sees a ball of plasma decimate the area where the slingshot was just moments before… Kate puts the slingshot on a direct path to the launch station.


Mission 1 debrief.

The omega pathfinders had quite a rough time staging this rescue mission. Sergeant Lawson almost came to blows with Captain Underwood when it came out that the brass knew that there was something “unusual” about what was happening at the launch station on Fomalhaut. It turns out that they had suspicious about a cult, known only as the “Insect Touched”, that had acquired the skill to control the bugs. PSI Ops is really interested in how the cult does this and of course would like to capture some of the cultists alive. The larva that Sergeant Lawson brought back has been handed over to the xeno division to study further.

The squad results were as follows:
6 Warrior bugs were killed with 1 Warrior bug injured and 1 Plasma bug injured. The rescue mission was a success however a medium level cultist managed to escape. The squad took several hits with 4 members going down but luckily with no fatalities.
Each of the player characters has earned 1260xp for the mission.


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Carl congratulates the rest of his team-mates on a succesfully executed mission and apologizes for his slow response times.

Head's up. I will be on a ski-trip from Dec 20 - Jan 3. I will continue to post during this period but it will affect my frequency (which is already lower than most everyone else's and for this I apologize). I understand if you want to swap me for someone who is more frequent - but I am happy to stick around if my posting hasn't been too much of a game-slower so far. Your call.
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Mission 2.

Details regarding the new mission that the Omega Pathfinders will need to undertake will be posted soon...

Skrittiblak your place won't be lost if posting is slow...

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