"One D&D": do you like this name for the 2024 edition?

As others have said, it's a name for the playtest and (probably, hopefully) won't be the final product name.

That said, no, it is not good. On one of the other sites the people who were hating on this endeavor before they even saw any output have started switching the order to make it 'D&Done.'

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The name is kinda "meh." Kinda like Xbox One. Or Windows Vista.

To me it smacks of marketing spin. It felt like they were saying: We're sort of giving you a new edition, but we don't want to spook you. I question whether it will stick or whether they'll end up renaming it by release time.


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Pardon me if someone else already said this, but I thought "One D&D" was the overarching philosophy of the "tools" they will be releasing/updating in the future and from now on they will just be "D&D2024," "D&D2030," and so on.
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Jack Daniel

I don't like it. OD&D is taken. 1eD&D is taken. All this will do is cause consumer confusion.

The cynic in me says that’s a feature, not a bug.

Yeah. If I thought that "One D&D" had even a fraction of the staying power that "D&D Next" didn't have, I'd worry that WotC was out to deliberately erase the versions of the game that Gary wrote.

But it doesn't, and everyone will call the next version "5.5" or something. Whatever the internet dubs it, that's what sticks.


No, it's awful. As I noted in another it made me immediately think of "Ein volk, ein reich, ein fuhrer!" and various other dodgy political slogans involving "One X!".

It feels like it's the result of a huge amount of mindless focus-grouping and that some external "branding" team came up with it, and now no-one at WotC can say, "Chris, this is dumb...".


"One D&D to rule them all, One D&D to find them, One D&D to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them."

Sir Brennen

One D&D is not the name of the edition, nor even the playtest rules. It is, from the One D&D page (emphasis on "codename" mine):

One D&D is the codename for the future of D&D and includes:

  • D&D Rules: We’re updating and expanding the rules of the game, and we’re looking for your feedback to help shape them.
  • D&D Beyond: The digital toolset joined the Wizards of the Coast family in 2022, and we want to make it even better.
  • Digital D&D Play Experience: Announced during Wizards Presents, D&D Digital is an immersive tabletop space that is in early development.

So, it's for the entire suite of products which includes the rules, D&D Beyond site, and upcoming VTT. Once those are officially released, the One D&D moniker will probably vanish, just like the term D&D Next did.

To me, the 2024 books will just be 5E, presented as a very fancy errata update.
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While I 100% disagree with them, I find that use of the name quite funny.
ODD is pretty clever too (Not to be confused with "Oh, DAD!" of the Original D&D).

But I'm gonna use 1DD myself, I think.
Oh, it definitely is. I guess it isn't 100% original, as it was derived from a recent X-box (I guess the most recent was an 'X-box One', which became 'X-Bone'), but still quite cute. Wordplay is a strange equalizer in that it is pretty divorced from the actual points and the people one agrees with don't necessarily have the best jokes and all that.


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They should call it D&D Next! Oh wait, that was just a playtest name, like this will end up being.

Everyone will just end up calling the Anniversary Edition D&D, to distinguish it from Vanilla 5E D&D, since it is supposed to be fully backward compatible and still be 5E.
That's a far better name. I actually really like that one.


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i think the working title is just a code as is mentioned. My money is on D&D as the eventual title. The community? We will call it 5.5 or 6e.

I am going into this with an open mind.

I have never been in two successive editions of the game. Being current for more than a little bit would be novel. For me it was 2e, 3e, 5e.

I am less worked up about floating racial ASI if they tie it to background. I think I want some sense of grounding even though D&D is no simulation.

I like that a greatsword does more damage than a shortsword. I like that a laborer of any race would come to the game with more strength.

Giant halflings…eh….to each their own. But I am going to play test some of this.

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