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The High Aldwin
Having time to read the new UA for 1DD material, here is my in-depth critique. Notice, this is a (-) thread, so feel free to disagree all you want. :)

//// BEGIN RANT ////

Determine Your Origin
- Children of Different Humanoid Kinds: Oi... So, you have the TRAITS of a Halfling, but look like a Gnome. Great, as far as the game is concerned, you're still Halfling. Now, if you got to pick different traits from each race to make something which was actually combined, that would be okay. But that wasn't how this was written, unfortunately. Maybe it was their intent?

- Size has no bearing here. Whether Medium or Small, you occupy the same 5-foot space. If you aren't going to have a meaningful differentiation between the two sizes, why bother having it? The range of Small also changes, which is laughable. It is 2-4 feet for humans, but 3-4 feet for ardlings.

- Ardlings. No. Just no. Buy hey, with Angelic Flight I can finally have a pig-PC who can fly.

- Dragonborn. So, no small dragonborn then? Hmm... At least they gave them Darkvision (one of the few races it actually makes sense to have it...).

- Dwarf. Also, no small dwarves? Hmm... No Lineage options for dwarves (you aren't special enough). Forge Wise. Great, now I get to pick from other tools which have little use in the game. Just give them ANY two tool proficiencies of their choice. Stonecunning. What is the logic behind this? Espcially with limited uses? So, I can see this now:

Player: I want focus on the stonework to sense movement.
DM: You've already done that twice, you can't do it again.
Player: Um, why not, does my senses not work any more?
DM: Uh, I guess it is to balance the game. shrugs

- Elf. Wow, no small elf, either. I'm seeing a trend here... Lineage. Sweet, nice to know my drow with INT 18 can use that instead of having to use my CHA 8 for that Faerie Fire saving throw! Why not tie the ability to the appropriate spells? Oh, that's right, we can't have limits in D&D.

- Gnome. Wait, where is my Medium-size gnome option! Not cool. What about all those Gnome gardenball players? At least you have Lineage options...

- Halflings. Sorry, you can't be Medium either. But don't worry, it makes no difference in the game anyway other than you can move through those enemy Medium-size spaces. Oh, and no lineage options for you, either!

- Orc. Sorry, not half, but all Orc. You can be a Half-Orc still, and mechanically just be an Orc that looks Human or whatever, or be an Human or whatever and look like an Orc! Yeah, that's the ticket.

- TEF-ling. No, TEEF-ling, my bad. At least you can be small or medium like the other special races but you get legacies. Um, no legacy for cold damage, but hey necrotic is there. Seems odd since more fiends have resistance to cold than necrotic, but whateves.

BUILD YOUR BACKGROUND (only 19.95 and you can take it home with you!)

- Moving "fixed" ASIs to Background. So, people got offended by racial fixed ASIs (No way! Your Goliath just can't be stronger than my Halfling!!!) so they made them "floating." Now they moved them to background, but now they are "fixed" again in the example backgrounds (which people will read that way, you know they will...). When, in reality, they are still floating because backgrounds are completely customizable. This change does nothing really. ASIs still float, so why bother tying them to background either? Now, we can listen to people complain "No way! Your Soldier just can't be smarter than my Sage!"

- Feats at 1st level. Great! All for it. But again, why tie it to Background?

- Two skills, one tool, one language. Pretty standard stuff.

Level requirements? Really? How about trying to balance out the feats instead? Too hard? Oh, ok, then level requirements it is...

Repeating Feats? Seriously, there was only ONE before, so unless you plan to have several, this is pointless. Just make each feat only selectable once.

- Alert. Good nerf but you went too far. Unless you are just planning to downgrade the general power level of feats (which I am all for otherwise!).

- Healer. Right, let's nerf the best non-magical healing--oh, wait, the only non-magical healing--in the game. Guess they want everyone to use ye ol' healin' magic. Bring back the healing wands and heal-bot PCs!

- Lucky. Let's make one of the strongest feats in the game EVEN BETTER.

- Magic Initiate. Sure, why not make THIS ONE repeatable. Can't have enough magic in a magical game, huh? Oh, and let's make it so players can swap out those spell choices. Heaven forbid someone actually as to live with a choice they made...

- Savage Attacker. Lame before and they made it even MORE lame. I didn't think it was possible, but they did it. At least before you could benefit on it from any weapon attack (even if you didn't take the Attack action) and you could use it on other creatures turns if you got an OA or something. It works out to less than a +1 to damage once per round. yeah... yawns

- Skilled. Ok, so you can repeat Skilled, but you can't repeat Crafter or Musician? I guess those additional tools or instruments are just too hard to learn.

- Tavern Brawler. Take a decent feat and make it worse. The damage reroll will happen enough to make it annoying, and the benefit is only 0.375 extra damage. Why bother? Honestly? Oh, and you don't have to use that Bonus Action now, but you also can't grapple, just a little shove. I suppose if they are next to the pit or cliff that could increase your damage a lot. Furniture as Weapon? Oi... at least proficiency in improvised weapons gave you a lot more options.

D20 Test? (Failed!)
Seriously, most players already thought a 1 always fails and a 20 always succeeds on ablity checks and saves. Glad you guys finally caught up.

Critical Hits
No more critical spells and no critical unarmed strikes for 2 damage instead of 1. I guess they found a way to nerf casters and I'm glad they cleared up that extra damage issue on unarmed strikes. That extra point of damage killed more PCs...

Great, I am sure all the players will love having their targets get free chances to escape and not have to use their Action for that anymore.

So, something few groups remembered, let alone used, is now "automatic" each day. Just keep upping that power level, WotC... drip, drip, drip...

Took you long enough....

//// END RANT ////

I finally found the words, and they weren't enough.
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The High Aldwin
Yep, that sounded like a rant. I hoped that helped you. Now, make sure to add your comments to the survey on 9/1.
Yeah, it was. If this is the level of stuff to expect in a couple years, it will be pretty bad stuff. It just frustrates me because I feel like over and over again people keep bringing up the same things and very little of it gets addressed by WotC.

I doubt I'll bother, TBH. I'm a dying breed of D&D player and I know it. Eventually, I'll say the wrong thing or go too far and get banned from here even (I've already had 2 warnings 🤷‍♂️ ).

The only WotC product I like and found "better" was d20 Star Wars. I loved playing the WEG d6 SW, but for some reason the d20 system and the design for d20 Star Wars seemed superior to me and just "worked" for the game. When we finish our current D&D game on Saturdays, we're going to d20 SW for a while--as some players want to try it.

I explained to one of the new players in the Monday night group about Vitality being spent for Force powers and he loved the concept, asked why spells don't use a similar system in D&D? I told him, honestly, I wish they had.

When I looked into 5E for the first time, I was SO hoping they would incorporate the Vitality/Wounds system, but (surprise, surprise) it wasn't there...

Anyway, I figure this can be a thread for anyone else who feels like venting. :)


Victoria Rules
If feats are coming baked in with backgrounds now, I guess the idea of feats being optional has gone out the window?

That said, the idea of one's background carrying some sort of mechanical ability with it isn't all bad; but I'd still rather see some of that tied to one's species as well e.g. all Dwarves have a chance of sensing sliding or shifting stonework.


If feats are coming baked in with backgrounds now, I guess the idea of feats being optional has gone out the window?
Only if they don't get a lot of push-back on the surveys. If people like it or are indifferent to it they'll run with it and feats aren't optional anymore. If they get a lot of negativity from it, then I suspect they drop that idea. (I doubt they'll get much pushback on it but who knows?)

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