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D&D General One Piece of Art VI (Maps)- What is Your Favorite D&D Map?


... I choose the maps in the Forgotten Realms Atlas from Karen Wynn Fostad. They look so real...
Those maps would've been my first choice as well, so I'll go with this instead:

The Sword Coast.jpg

I'm not usually that fond of Blando's map style, but I think I actually prefer it here in this context to the usual Schley style map. It has a more vintage feel to it, for one thing. And it's got an incredibly subdued border for a Blando map.
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B/X Known World
I love Dyson’s Shattered Tower! I am using it as a pivotal part of my campaign and have modified variations of it all over.

But the map I picked is the fabric map of the Tablelands region of Athas. I don’t recall TSR or WotC putting a region map on fabric before but I love that they did it here. Plus, Diesel’s style is one I love so much.

It has extra points of interest that never appeared on the other versions of the Tablelands, including silt routes.

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That’s mine as well. Absolutely adore Dark Sun and that specific map. Such a great prop.


If we're going Greyhawk, I gotta go with Anna Meyer's Map of the Flanges:

Good god that's gorgeous.

Ooh man, there's just SOOO many to choose from. The Isle of Dread map from Savage Tides does come to mind:




Dune Trader the 2e Dark Sun sourcebook on merchants in Dark Sun.

Cartography by Dave Sutherland.

It gives a one page trade route map showing settlements with connections and import and export flows. It is few enough areas and few enough considerations not to be overwhelming when trying to figure out things.

It has its flaws such as no scale given, it raises a question of why rice is a regular trade good in a post apocalyptic D&D desert, etc., but it looks like something I could use as a DM or a merchant PC so it works for me.

The 10th District map in the Ravinica book. The precinct banners are pretty unnecessary but wow is this thing detailed and evocative. I believe it’s by Jonas De Ro, but not 100%, correct me if wrong. Isometric “maps” are kind of my jam so the Ravinica book is just amazing. Best 5e setting book put out cause of the maps. You can crawl inside and inhabit the setting through the maps.


Honorable mention I’ll give to the Death In Thay ”dungeon” map. It’s by far the best pseudo mega dungeon map ever. Another crawl inside evocative explanatory map.

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