D&D General One Piece of Art VII (Spells): What Piece of Art Inspired You to Love Spells?

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Artist: Karl Waller
Source: Complete Book of Necromancers (1995)
Spell: ...Mage Armor? Maybe Spirit Armor from ToM?

...I dunno, just one that's imprinted on my brain. I loved the Complete Book of Necromancers for essentially being a stealth mini campaign setting, and having all the art of spells in the book be of them being cast by statted NPCs that appeared toward the back of the book - Kazerabet, in this case.

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Dragon Lover

Artist: Rudy Siswanto
Source: Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons
Spell: Ashardalon's Stride

I greatly enjoy any art that lets us see dragons casting and using spells. Many dragons throughout D&D lore have been known to be powerful Sorcerers, Necromancers, Wizards, and Druids with some being so adept as to create their own spells and magic items.


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