D&D General One Piece of Art VII (Spells): What Piece of Art Inspired You to Love Spells?



By Wayne Reynolds, page 36 of the Spell Compendium, Body of War spell.

All right, my eldritch knight has a straightforward plan for the next round/level. I am going to polymorph into a D&D Battlemech and wade in. I might not have the hp to really pull this off, but that is the plan and I am making this happen.

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Artist: David A. Trampier
Source: DMG (1979)
Spell: ?????

I always assumed, due to the way the horse's legs were drawn, that he was riding a Phantom Steed...

My favorite spell art was one of the original illustrations of the Magic Missile spell from back in the BX days - a wizard with a glowing arrow floating by his side, pointing at an adventurer... (I think it may have been Bargle casting it at the cleric lady).


Yeah, that's the picture I was talking about in my post... :)

For some reason, the fact that it's actually shaped like an arrow instead of some generic magic ball of light or fire was pretty cool.
I agree. Bargle was a great mage, so he had personalized spells ;)

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