D&D General One Piece of Art VIII (People): What Piece of D&D Art Inspired You to Love a D&D Personage?


Obligatory Planescape Post. This is Ylem, from Uncaged. Ylem is a rogue modron that is somehow part Slaad, and conducts magical experiments.

Honorable mention: the Time of the Twins cover art

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He Mage
I love the Merlin archetype, even more so, its modern shift from being a mentor of a hero, to being the hero of the story himself.

So, my favorite Wizards are a youthful knight embarking on a new adventure, with his sword staff in hand − or wand, or better yet, his psionic mind.

D&D tends to go for the premodern Merlin archetype − with long hair, long beard, long dress, and androgynous in an elderly way.

I want my character to be the youthful hero, the clean-shaven Wizard, with crew-cut and masculinity. The Fighter hero look can be Wizard hero look too. Even some muscle. With a Constitution of 14, the Wizard can be quite fit!

This Wizard from Strixhaven is toward the Heroic-Merlin archetype.
mage Arrogant-Poet-Strixhaven-MtG-Art.jpg

(Arrogant Poet by Billy Christian 2021)


CR 1/8

Artist: Wylie Beckert
Source: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, alternate cover
Personage: Iggwilv/Tasha
Rationale: In fact, I know next to nothing about Tasha, since I'm not terribly vested in D&D canon and never cared for her characterizations in the past. But I love the muted aesthetic of this illustration, and the dark fairytale-like imagery depicting her past made me genuinely interested in learning her story.*

* After reading up on the background, I'm still not particularly interested in the lore. But I like the picture, nonetheless.



I always liked this portrait of Iggwilv (although I was never much of a fan of her name!). I also had a player who liked it enough (I was running the players through a different adventure from that issue, which is how she saw the image in the first place) that she decided it would do as a portrait of her own PC, a "witch" (reskinned wizard) named Delphyne Babelberi.


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