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D&D General One Piece of Art VIII (People): What Piece of D&D Art Inspired You to Love a D&D Personage?

Snarf Zagyg

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Welcome to part EIGHT in the art appreciation series- One Piece of Art! Prior columns can be found here:
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Part II (Monsters)
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Part IV (Races)
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Today's topic ... People! Or maybe I should just call it the Drizzt and Elminster category?

What D&D Art Made You Love a D&D Personage?

Now, for purposes of this thread, a necessary disclaimer. Please construe "Personage" to mean, well, a named person in D&D. Some piece of D&D art that shows a random individual that isn't part of the overall D&D lore ... that's not it.

Now, with that out of the way ... please note the following rules for the thread-

1. ONE piece of art. You shall count to one. If you do two, you've gone two ... um, too far. Three is just way out. And zero means you forgot to post something. Now, I know that everyone just ignores this ... but try your best!

2. It has to be art you love, and please explain why! Maybe you think it just looks cool. Whatever! It's your love, don't make me put a label on it.

3. Explain the art source (incl. artist if known), the spell (if known), and why you chose it. Please!

Now, as usual, I will start this thread off. Have to admit, there's a lot that I already used.... so I'm going with the classic.


Artist: Larry Elmore
Source: Mentzer Basic (1983)
Personage: Aleena (not Bargle ... NO FACE!)


I almost picked the two more iconic photo of Aleena (you know the ones ... the opening and .... the ending IM NOT CRYING, UR CRYING!), but I'm going with the action shot. The tension. This was back before every little bit of lore about every character needed to be filled in. There was just Aleena, and the mysterious person who killed her ... who was totally not Bargle.

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Morgan Ironwolf from the Moldvay B/X Basic Set. Illustrated by Jeff Dee.

The sample B/X PC step by step walk through example. She makes a 1st level fighter look competent and ready for threats. Big 70's/80s hair, cool boots. Sword, shield, chain mail. I remember being inspired by this picture as a kid and wandering around outside with a bow across my chest like that, it can be done but it is awkward and I would not want to explore or get into a fight carrying one that way.



Sorry, couldn’t help choosing another person, in this case Drelnza, daughter of Iggwilv, imprisoned deep within the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.
Maybe it’s just because my personal dream for the 50th Anniversary would be a “Return to...” treatment of Tsojcanth and Tharizdun, with Drelnza as a possible “ lesser of two evils” ally against the ultimate evil of Tharizdun.

Though I wish I could use Lord Soth's Charge, I'm pretty sure I saw this piece of art in Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home first:


The mix of intricate designs on his armor contrasted with deep shadow from the poor soul attempting to stand against him being obliterated all tell a story of power, terror, and mystery.

View attachment 259061

Artist: Clyde Caldwell
Source: Knight of the Black Rose
Subject: Lord Soth

Doomed Lord Soth has always held a special place in my heart and this novel was the first D&D novel I read that was only Dragonlance adjacent.



Artist: Larry Elmore
Source: DragonLance
Subject: Lauralanthalasa "Laurana" Kanan, Silvanesti princess and the Golden General

I have chosen a cropped version of the painting to avoid any potential spoilers just in case anyone looking at this thread hasn't read Dragons of Winter Night.

Laurana is, in my opinion, the Hero of the Lance who gets the most character growth through the Chronicles trilogy. She has always been one of my favorite fictional characters.

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