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D&D General One Piece of Art- What D&D Art Inspired You to Love a Class?


Krampus ate my d20s
Before I read the stories a piece of art encouraged the basis for many characters, thieves and rogues all.

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Ya know...Erol Otus was the most influential D&D artist for me, so I went browsing through his old OD&D and AD&D art, figuring there must have been some character depiction that inspired me... But I can't say his heroes are inspiring. Most of them seem to be having a real rough time. I mean the MONSTERS, now yes! Wow! Really, they inspire me to play monsters.

Erol must mostly have been a DM. Maybe that's how I ended up becoming a mostly DM. Erol inspired me to play monsters!

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I feel this.

4e had some gorgeous art, that's for sure! That was when I noticed Wizards moving back to full- and half-page illustrations.

OK so I wanted to post this image by Howard Lyon from the 4e DMG to say that it inspired me to want to play a warlock in that edition, but when I went to look up the attribution for it, I discovered she’s actually meant to be a cleric (and yeah, now I can see Corellon’s holy symbol on her armor).


I dig how you don't know if that bard is about to wallop you with their instrument or start playing it.

This bard from the 5e PHB. I wish I knew the artist's name:


I love the self-assurance. Here is a character who is ready for whatever the DM throws at her.



Cover of the Moldvay B/X Basic Set.


A dragon in a dungeon? This fighter is on it. This is a guy with technique (shield up and braced, spear ready for the attack) and the confidence to execute it in the face of a life-threatening towering monster attack, while drawing attention to himself to protect the unarmored magic user.

Yes I want to play the front line fighter.

Deeply disappointed in how comparatively subpar spears are in most of D&D. This looks like a great weapon for going against this dragon.

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