D&D 5E One Shot #2 - Irongrad (Closed/OOC)

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Absolutely, And like I said before, I can't wear the helmet so if anyone wants it take it, otherwise I'll hold onto it til someone does or it becomes a useful bargaining chip.


Item division:

- scroll longstrider - Zuleyka
- scroll cure wounds - Bilkar
- scroll magic stone - Bilkar
- scroll thunderclap - Zuleyka
- potions of cure wounds x3 Ssz'irac, Rilla, Alberich 2d4+2 plus faerie fire 1d4+1 rounds
- potion of climbing - potion with red stripe - Ssz'irac
- ruby of the war mage - Alberich
- boots of enduring: these magical boots resist wear and tear - Ssz'irac
- dread helm - Bilkar
- dagger (once animated) - Alberich

Added the dagger still can be a weapon and it may add to some RP or set up for another quest. And don't forget the faerie fire for the potions, will be loads of fun in the middle of combat - lol

This is all posted in the first post of the IC thread along with XP and downtime. Been fun gang watch for the next one I have planned (probably this time next week, nit sure).

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