[OOC] Baptism by Fire_FULL


Welcome Welcome I'm excited to try my hand at this.

So from what I have gathered from other threads I have read, and have open I need to list character generation here and discuss any type of rules queries. OK her goes:

Character Gene:

Race: Any
Class: Any
Starting LvL and HP: will start at level 2 with everyone having max HP for their character
Attributes: 4d6(best 3) six times and then arrange to taste
Background: Any
Starting Gold: use starting equipment, but the party will probably be paid something up front and have a little time to go shopping
Other: this being a one shot adventure please play something you wish to test out, also the party will be gathered together to start so no need to try and mesh any backgrounds unless you wish to do so

And I think that is it, I'll not run to many optional rules unless some suggests we try something new.

I see they talk about posting rates but I have no clue what that should be, whatever is the most fun I guess.

Baptism by Fire_RG
Baptism by Fire Game thread
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Feats are allowed? I'm interested...roguish monk or simple rogue as a general idea...but I can change as needed


I like Feats and think they don't break the game, so please go for it. Question? Are Feats optional in 5e I guess I'm learning new things already.

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Hey! Welcome to the boards. I'd be happy to sign up if you are looking for players.

Perhaps a Harengon Artificer?


Sounds very unique indeed,
Have fun building your character. And please let me know The sources your going to use so we are both on the same page.


A really quick question? Where do I put the game info? I know we will play over in the playing the game thread, but I was wondering where I should put some background details about the world to help inspire some character concepts and what not. I'm going to the forgotten realms wiki to look for a good location and if I find something I was wonder what should I do?


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
This here is fine. Or you can open out of character (OOC) thread and put two or three posts as reserved space for your world building


I thought this thread became the OOC thread, which is alright, I didn't know if I should go to another site which my friend from work suggested. I wish to keep everything here. Can't I post up some background and info and link it in my 1st post the way @jmucchiello showed me?? By linking in the post number?

Make a rogues gallery thread. Finished PCs go in the thread. If you have bg material. Put that material into the RG thread first. Reserve 2-3 posts for extra material, if needed. Don't publish a whole though. :)

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