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[5e_One Shot] Baptism by Fire


Welcome to what I'm hoping to be a great little bit of fun.

A learning experience for sure, I'm quite new to 5e and hope to be close to a veteran by the end of this.

Just using this opening post to store links and info, I will open the game up in my next post. (Staling cuze I'm scared.)

The Party:
Neurotic - Assamir Warlock
@Kobold Stew - Harengon Artificer
FitzTheRuke - Dwarf Druid
TaranTheWanderer - Human Bard
VLAD the Destroyer - Dragonborn Barbarian
@jmucchiello - Wood Elf Rogue

Baptism by Fire_OOC
Baptism by Fire_RG
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The First Tymanther-Unther War ended two short years ago, and by the looks of the refuge camp still sitting outside the walls of Unthalass it may be a few more years till the country of Unther is back to normal.

From its hill overlooking the city and the deep blue Alamber Sea, sits the Tower of Delenir. An ivory and brass sprial of elegant construction, from which the former steward of Unther now resides. Your summons to meet Delenir at his home was both cyrptic and urgent, and as your ushered into the arch-mage's study you ready yourself for answers.

The sixty plus year old male human sitting before you looks up with a hint of mirth in his eyes, and his long white beard can't hide the hint of a smile as he looks upon you all. As you take seats and are offered tea and wine by the towers servants, Delenir reaches into an oak box on his desk and pulls out a siver medaliion and chain. He stands holding the piece of jewlery in both hands as if not to accidently lose it.

Fifteen years ago, my only son, Lomaran, then only nine years old, set sail for the east to begin his final schooling in preparation for his eventual succession to the throne. His ship never reached its destination. After a search along our coasts, I presumed the ship and my son to be lost at sea. I was without an heir and without hope, until now.

Ten days ago, the body of one of my old knights was returned to Fort Silan by a group of strange, grayskinned gnomes. He was a member of a seven-man squad patrolling high in the Marthessei along our western border. These men were some of the strongest and bravest in the realm, present company excepted, of course.

The other six men have been missing in action for over a week from their patrol, which was to have taken a month to complete. The dead knight, Sir Hujer, had died of burns, exposure to cold, and many terrible wounds. Stranger still was what he bore on his person, a silver necklace bearing my royal seal. The mage lifts a tanished necklace and holds its aloft.

This is the same necklace I gave to my son, just before he dissappeared so many years ago. To say the least, it is extremely odd that it should be found so high in the mountains, when by all rights it should now be lying at the bottom of the sea. Lowering the necklace and his eyes to it, he rubs the face of it with a thumb mumbling a few magical words.

"Bah!" It has passed through to many hands for the spell to work. He tosses the necklace back unto his desk, looking a little more defeated than before.

I'm not only interested as to my son's whereabouts, however. I'm also gravely concerned about this new threat from the west and the possibility of... well, whatever foreign threat slew the patrol and possessed my son's necklace. Are the Tymanther on the move? The people could not survive another war.

This is why I've summoned you here, to find out who or what happened to the rest of the patrol, and if possible, what all of this has to do with my missing son.

OOC: Opening things up to RP/Questions from the party.
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Aridrish sat at a table of the open air tavern inside the walls of Fort Silan. Stopping for supplies that can only be found in "civilized" lands. The dragonborn pushed his new pack of goods a little deeper under the table to keep unclean hands from it.

He noticed a scurry of activity around a small table and chairs, that looked made for children and not the human forces that occupied the fort.

OOC: A little RP for Vlad and jmucchiello as well.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Amil came from the library at the servants prodding, so lost was he in his research that once again he lost sense of time. Even after all this time on the world with changing day and night, he catches himself reading endlessly until his body collapses. He promised himself many times to take better care of it, and he even started intentionally hefting the heavy tomes and returning them to their place in person rather than leaving it for support stuff. He started reading while walking around, keeping the tomes in the arms and he noticed increase in the strength. Not nearly as string as while he was...but no, better not think on that. He made his choice. And he still hadn't to anything about it.

"Let's see what the sage has for us." he thinks as he follows the servant to arch-mage's study.

Listening to the task, Amil cannot help but be a little disappointed. This was no earth shattering or empire-vital mission. Just a human, caring for his legacy in this world. Still, saving a child is important. And there may be more to this western mystery. And one has to leave the library at some point to have any effect on the world.

"I'm in, arch-mage. A man puts an end to darkness, and to the farthest limit he searches out. The rock in gloom and deep shadow. And above in the sunlit world."

HP: 18/18
AC: 14 (Leather)
Bardic Inspiration:
3/3 (1d6)
Spell Slots: 1st: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Pass Perc: 13
Pass Inv: 12
Pass Ins: 11
SPELL SAVE DC: 13Arcana: 4
Deception(race); 7
Disguise Kit: 5*
Minor Illusion; Vicious Mockery
DEX: 16 + 3
CON: 12 + 1
INT: 14+2
WIS: 12 +1
CHA:16 +3
STR: -1
CON: +1
INT: +2
WIS: +1
Performance: 5
Persuasion: 5
Perception (feat): 3
Slight of Hand: 5*
Stealth: 5*
Thief Tools: 5*
Known Spells 1st
Animal Friendship
Comprehend Languages,
Detect Magic,

Fern was in his room getting ready. He had been invited to the meeting that day, no doubt to take the minutes - to dutifully make a record of all that was said.

It was going to be super boring.

Despite this, Fern had collected all the suplies he'd need, meticulously ensuring he would not leave anything behind or do anything to embarrass his Master. Once he was satisfied, he sat down making himself comfortable. It was still an hour before anyone was to arrive and that new book of poetry he'd just gotten for his birthday wasn't going to read itself!


As Fern ran down the hallway, books in arm, pages fluttering in the wind, he could hear voices speaking from the meeting room,

Oh, gods, I'm late!

Fifteen years ago, my only son, Lomaran...

"Pardon me!"

Fern burst through the door and moved quickly to the last open seat around the table, spilling his books onto the table as he sat in the chair. He looked around the room sheepishly,

"I apologize for the interruption, Master. Please continue."

The young apprentice opened his book, dipped his quill in some ink, and started scribing.
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Aridrish hated having to come into town for supplies, especially in these Unther lands. It always brought trouble, but somethings could not be found in the wilds. He took a sip of his drink and scanned for any problems. His maul leaned against the table within easy reach in case the locals felt compelled to give him problems. Catching motion out of the corner of his eye Aridrish swings his head in that direction. His gaze settles on the smaller tables and he searches for what had drawn his attention.


at the tower...

Fern's entrance into the study while loud does little to stop the arch-mage and his story. With a smile and a nod to the boy Delenir finishes why he has brought everyone together. After Amil speaks up he looks to the others to see if they too are in agreement. "I'll pay you for your time," he says as if to sweeten the pot.


at the fort...

"It was for dem gnomes,"
a female voice says from behind him. "Them dat brought the knight's body back."
Aridrish turns to see a human barmaid wiping another table and looking over at the workers along with the dragonborn. Her hair is a deep brown and falls down around her face, she is small (but everyone about is small to the barbarian), meaning she could only be in her early teen years.


Mardoc had only just returned to civilization at the request of his old friend and liege. He had never been diplomatic and always spoke his mind, but he regretted his words after he spoke them. His first words to his old friend (beyond the standard greeting when he had first arrived) were, "You should nay think that the boy yet lives. The chain could coom from any odd place. Perhaps pirates had attacked an' ploondered his ship, an' yer man joost found the bauble with nae sign of the lad."

Even though there had always been a large divide in their relative ranks, Delenir had always listened to Mardoc's advice and the dwarf regretted advising the archmage to give up hope. Though it was only an ember, hope was all the mage had left of his son. It was too late, but Mardoc tried to blow on the coal, so to speak, by adding, "But of coorse, ye can be sure, we will do what we can t'find oot if there's more t'the story. I speak only for meself when I say: Ye can keep yer coins."

He was silent for awhile while others spoke. When it was time to speak of specific plans to begin their quest, he asked, "Ye say Sir Hujer's corpse was brought to ye by grey gnomes, eh? Any chance that the're still aboot t'be questioned?"


The arch-mage smiles at Amil's words, his shoulders seem to slump a little as if in relief. His back stiffens once more as the dwarf speaks his, face going dark, but his head nodding to the words. "I have thought this also," he says as if it were the first thing he dismissed. "But since this medallion was found over 200 miles from the water and nowhere near a town or port but in the mountains on the border to Tymanther, I fear my thoughts turn to Lomaran being a political prisoner or worse dying to some beast as he was being taken to our enemy."

He shakes visibly as if to get such thoughts out of his head, Softly and with a bit of sadness he adds...
Since the gnomes wouldn't reveal the location of their lair, or even where they, found Sir Hujer, you must begin where the original patrol began and follow its path until you discover what happened. The gnomes said that Sir Hujer's last words were a warning about fire or flames. He was not very coherent at the end, may he rest with the gods.

Reaching under his desk he pulls out a small chest, "My coin may be no good to you," he says with a grin to Mardoc. "But please take this, I hope there's something here that might help."

Placing the box on his desk and pulling back the lid reveals it is full of coins, two potions, an ivory school case and a few other trinkets.

Aridrish listens to the barmaids words. Gossip in a tavern is not always trustworthy. Plus a dead knight was not that strange with hostilities between Thymanther and Unther resuming. But being found and deliverd by gnomes was odd. It was all to mush to ignore.

"The small folk you say. Found the body of a knight. That must have been exciting. Is there anything else you can tell me about this knight?'

Aridrish leans back in his chair knowing his size tends to unsettle humans. He takes a sip from his tankard and tries to make the barmaid at ease. The barbarian pulls out a gold piece and places it on the table.

"Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated."

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