Interest Check - Players Choice Game


I have changed the title of this thread to better represent what the game will be like. So now I'm looking for 4-6 explores who want to take on the jungle.

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So no interest in the proposed game so I'm going to take my home groups advice and leave this all up to the players:

Proposal #2 Players choice-

Players pick the game/style of game
dungeon crawl
princess rescue
bandit beatdown
Adventure league
Specific Module

Players pick the starting level:

Lets say anywhere between 1st and 7th I'm not ready for to high a lvl game just yet.

Players choose character generation, but this is pretty much an anything goes game, so I guess they choose how they want to generate stats.

Interested players: 2/6

VLAD the Destroyer

So hopefully this will generate some interest.


A little word of advice: I think if people check a thread and they don't bother replying, they won't come back to see if you've added anything interesting.

Start a new thread with the title "PBP Interest Check: Players Decide the Game!" and cut-and-paste your above post (minus any reference to this game).

I suspect that the reason that you didn't get much response to this one is that most of the PBP community is involved in other games and didn't want to commit to something as long as Tomb of Annihilation.

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