D&D 5E One Shot: Legends are Made, not Born (IC)


Badger sees the demon vanish, and finds himself disappointed.

“I could use a good Imp with my studies,” he mumbles under his breath. He moves to the fallen wizard to see what he can find.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Fiend!" Snorri yells in shock. Grabbing his hammer from the floor, the dwarf sprints towards where the demon disappeared. As if in a frenzy, Snorri starts attacking the spot with his warhammer.

OOC: He he he... The cleric is not fond of demons and devils. :)
I guess it's gone, but if it's just invisible, I'll roll for attack:
Attack [roll0]
Disadvantage [roll1]
Damage [roll2]


Snorri takes a swing but hits only air. Hassan also takes a swipe at the spot the creature was just at, but his long blade hits nothing.

OOC: [roll0]
disad: [1d20+5[/roll]

Badger finds in the dirty robes of the wizard Suto a small arcane focus crystal, a trowel (used to dig out the symbol on the floor), and a scroll case at his belt.

Looking about the room the bonfire coming up through the hole in the floor makes the gems of the frog altar's eye sparkle deep red. And there is a braizer about two feet tall shaped like a marilith demon, with its coiled tail serving as the base, and its six outstretched arms cradling the basin. Sitting next to it is a tall, thin wooden stand where over a dozen silver ignots wait to be melted and added to the silver already in the pentagram dug into the floor.

The pit looks to be about twenty feet deep and emanates an awful smell.

- Gurt the Sheprad part of RP xp
- Fire Bettles 10xp
- Skunk 10xp
- Ogre 90xp
- Wolf 10xp
- Shrieker 5xp
- Suto Lore 50xp
- RP 80xp
- traps 50xp
= 305xp each[/sblock]


OOC: Level Up! Totally taking School of Invention!

After opening and checking the scroll case, Badger looks down the hole, dousing the fire to see what he cooked.

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Skulltop Hillock

Milady is relieved when she hears the wizard go down and the fog starts to clear, allowing her to see again. She isn’t so pleased to see the little demon standing there. Well, see it for only a moment before it disappeared.

Snorri went berserk on the creature, and Milady raised an eyebrow. Hassan also took a swing.

“Pretty sure it’s gone,” Milady commented dryly. “But please. Keep wearing yourselves out. It’s amusing.”

She sauntered over to the altar and started to casually shove silver ingots into her bag. This was a nice haul. Then she pulled out her dagger to begin digging out those rubies.

OOC: Woot! Level up!

Bonus Action:
Free Interaction:

[sblock=Milady’s Mini Stats]
Inspiration: 0
AC: 15
HP: 12/12 HD: 1/1d10
Init: +3
PP: 10
PI: 12
Bolts: 39 Used: 2
Second Wind (1/R 1d10+1)

Ogre gemstone (Milady)
Black bear pelt (Milady)


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Snorri clears his throat, somewhat embarrassed. He stands, straitens his outfit, then nods to Milady.

The dwarf then walks up to her and helps get the rubies out. They are Dumathoin’s treasures, after all.

OOC: Nice! I’ll level-up Snorri tomorrow. :)


It has only been a tenday since the last time you were in Dundor Springs, but the flurry of events that have filled your waking moments have made it seem like a lifetime ago. After defeating the ogre and wizard under Skulltop Hillock, now known by locals as Badger's Cave, each one of you set out on their own agendas.

Hassan and Snorri met with the dwarves of Waterdeep's Mining Guild to see about both the destruction of the summoning chamber and the recover of the mystery dwarf entombed under the hill. After collapsing the roof to the chamber (an easy endeavor), they recovered the dwarven bones and copied and recorded everything they could about the chamber. Hassan and Snorri then returned to Dundor Springs to meet with the other.

Mi'Lady spent a couple days reveling in the status of town heroin, but soon longed to cash in the gems and furs she retrieved deep in the ogre's former cave. Time in the city would have been grand if not for Athos Comte making it impossible for her to stay in one place for very long or sleep without one eye open. It was almost a relief when she was on the road again to Dundor Springs, and she even smiled at the thought of seeing everyone once more.

Badger's days were spent researching, experimenting, and crafting the new armor he now wears over is slightly burnt robes. His studies have provided him a little insight into the workings on a variety of subjects and perhaps and most importantly, the story behind what went on at Skulltop Hillock.

A story that started almost 29 years ago...

Erasmus Lore was a powerful conjurer and summoner. Using his magic he contacted the hezrou demon Frogroth and the pair forged an uneasy alliance. Erasmus wanted more power and magic, while Frogroth wanted to kill his master and become the new demon lord over his Abyssal domain. To accomplish both goals the demon told Erasmus about a book called the Codex Ilyium. A book of both spells, demonic lore, and suppose to house the plans to the construction of a weapon that could kill Frogoth's master.

Years of searching for the tome uncovered nothing, and during this time Erasmus's journal becomes almost totally blank, with only mad scribbling here and there. Frogroth grew impatient and sent a quasit savant to the world of men to help in the books' recovery. The little demon could not find the whereabouts of Erasmus, but did locate the wizard's son Suto Lore. He convinced the boy to return to Skulltop Hillock and continue his father's work, although Suto was not a summoner like his father, but he was an enchanter.

The quasit took up residence in the pit below the altar to Frogroth and Suto began to follow the trail his father was on. Suto charmed the ogre Blogg and the dwarven carpenter Durbin, notes in his journal tell of the quasit augmenting the spells with some sort of demonic magic, so that they stayed charmed well beyond the normal limits of such magic. Also it seemed to lead to the charmed person going above and beyond to do anything for their "new friend". It explained Durbin's behavior to want and finish the wooden cages, and why Blogg went so far as to take captives when asked to bring Suto sacrifices for Frogroth.

The quasit had acquired a scroll to summon Frogroth once more, and the group was just in time before Suto could complete his precautions before using it.

Little could be found as to why Suto looked old and decripted when he was encountered by the group. Badger is still looking into it. (More so to avoid it than anything else)[/sblock]

After the tale is finished and the remains of their ales drained the group sets out on their seperate ways, back onto the paths they were on before the events at Dundor Springs. Their futures remain unclear, but they are comforted in the fact that their are others like them in the world who they can call on in a time of need. Other people not born into heroism, but made into heroes by the world around them.

It's true Legends are Made, not Born.

[sblock=From EarlyBird]
Thanks for the great game. And here is hoping for many more to come.
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