D&D 5E One Shot: Legends are Made, not Born (IC)


North of Baldur's Gate along the Winding Winer River sits the hamlet of Dundor Springs. A small settlement baerly forty years old that was once just a lay over spot for traveler's heading north. They would camp at the springs and in the morning decided to continue along the road north to Waterdeep or brave the Troll Hills and thus cut their journey short by two days. (Being chased by trolls does shorten a journey.)

Everyone now sits around a circlar table inside The Merri Riot Inn, the largest building in Dundor Springs, while Lord Mayor Duncan Merriweather stands before all of you his arms crossed behind his back.


"Well, where to begin," he starts as he begins pacing looking at the floor boards. "There is this ogre you see, Blogg. Blogg the Bold as he is now known. Almost a year ago he came smashing his way into town, and there was nothing we could do to stop him, until old Helean asked him what he wanted." The mayor chuckles to himself remembering the sight of the old bent woman scolding the towering ogre.

Pulling himself back to the here and now he continues,"Well, he didn't know what he wanted so we offered him ale from the brewery and a couple sheep from our flocks. He seemed happy with it and left. Since then every month or five weeks depending on the weather, he returns for his ale and sheep. He has asked for other things also, knives, ladles, cooking pots and the like, nothing that can't be replaced easily enough."

He stops the pacing and his face grows serious. "But all that ended yesterday," he says awe and anger mixing in his voice. "Blogg came down from his lair three weeks early and demanded not only ale and sheep, but townsfolk as well!" Visibly the mayor shakes in disgust at what an ogre might want with the townsfolk.

"We didn't comply with the last part, and he lashed out in a bestial fury. He clubbed a nearby gnome merchant, tossed him into his cart, and snatched Dallya up over his shoulder before heading off with everything."

"It has been a whole day, and who knows what has happened to them both. We need help here," he says with pleading eyes.

Legends are Made, not Born! by Chris Doyle

Time to make yours!

Badger human wizard lvl-1
Hassan Verduk human paladin lvl-1
Milady de Winter human fighter lvl-1
Leilara half-elf bard lvl-1
Snorri Silverstream dwarf cleric lvl-1

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Experience: 305 xp (105 xp for Hassan)
Downtime: 5 days each
Mi'Lady = 415gp
Snorri = 415gp
Badger = 340gp + scroll of protection from good and evil
Hassan = 210gp[/sblock]
- Gurt the Sheprad part of RP xp
- Fire Bettles 10xp
- Skunk 10xp
- Ogre 90xp
- Wolf 10xp
- Shrieker 5xp
- Suto Lore 50xp
- RP 80xp
- traps 50xp
= 305xp each

120gp in molten silver, scrapped up from summoning circle
100gp brazier
140gp silver ingnots
500gp two gemstone eyes from frog altar
20gp Blogg's gem
200gp from pelts (black bear and fox pelt)
200gp in various gems from gnome merchant - waiting for you when you returned to town
100gp reward from Dundor Springs
= 1380gp[/sblock]
[sblock=Unsolved Mysteries]
- What happened to Blogg and Gurt?
- What caused the young wizard to age so badily?
- Who was the dwarf buried under Skulltop Hillock?
- What will the quasit do next?
- Where is Suto and Erasmus's spellbooks?
- Will Frogroth seek revenge against the party?
- Where is the Codex Ilyium?[/sblock]
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Hassan sits restlessly at the table, barely able to contain himself from rushing into action. But he nods at the mayor's words. "I met Dallya's father and brother on my way here. Together we followed the ogre to its lair, but it has blocked the entrance with a boulder I was unable to move." There is no small amount of shame in Hassan's words and the big man hangs his shaggy head. "We have all been brought here by different purposes and different paths, but I would hope that at least some of you will come and help me face this foe. Those of us who have the might, have also the duty to help those who do not." He looks up and casts his gaze slowly around the table, making eye contact with each of the other adventurers that the mayor has managed to assemble.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
A blackbearded dwarf, dressed in shiny new scale mail armor and green-grey priest robes, stands up and nods towards the mayor, then towards Hassan. He speaks, quietly, barely above a whisper.

"Me name be Snorri Silverstream of clan Battlehammer of Icewind Dale, and I'd not be much of a Battlehammer if I didn't help. Poor souls need savin'. Baldur's Gate can wait."

With that, he sits back down and briefly touches the green gem in the amulet around his neck, as if seeking the approval of his deity. Snorri then smiles, knowing this to be the right path for him.


OOC: It's just Badger. No The. Badger is his name.

Sitting with the rest is an older man wearing long, blue robes. He is slightly balding, with his once black hair now specked with more salt than pepper.

As the others talk, Badger is busy rummaging through his robes, going from pocket to pocket, rather noisily. He bumps into one of his companions as he pulls a metal teapot out of his robes. Then comes a cup, a small pouch that smelled awful, and a canteen.

Setting all the items on the table, oblivious to anyone around him, he opens the teapot, puts a few sprinkles of whatever was in the pouch into it, and pours water from his canteen into the teapot.

Once done, he puts the pouch and canteen away, bumping into the companion on the other side as he did, and then sets the canteen in the middle of the table, pulling out a two foot rod. He scoots his chair back (or sits back if he can't), points the rod at the table, mutters a word,


"Whoops!" He calls out, waving the wand as the fire goes out. He looks at the rood, confused for a moment, then realization dawns as he turns the rod around. He smiles, then points the rod at the teapot, and a small jet of fire hits the teapot.

"Much better," he says, grabbing the teapot with a piece of cloth that came from somewhere in his robes.

He pours the tea into his cup, the smell from whatever it was that he put in the tea magnified now, and it smells horrendous. He takes a sip of the tea to test the heat, grimaces, then holds his nose and downs the whole cup. He nearly gags as he puts the cup down, then smiles.

"Wonderful," he says, putting the teapot away. "Now, what was that?"

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Charwoman Gene

"I'm a wanderer and seeker of stories. I'd like to see if any of you have the stuff of true heroes. I have some varied skills to help with this and that," says a young female Half-elf. She pulls out a lute and plays a melody and an image of a brave knight fighting a dragon appears briefly on the table. A beautiful half-elf of athletic build, she is dressed simply and comfortably, her blond hair pulled back in a simple braid. Her blue eyes meet yours but look away before it would be uncomfortable.



Lord Duncan greets you all warmly, his eyes going wide as the fire flares from the middle of the table. His face pinches at the smell as he turns to address the big northerner.

"They're is still the Lady de Winter to join this troupe," he says looking over his shoulder at the stairs before turning back to the group. "She sleeps in I am told, but left a message she would be part of any rescue party."

He waits a few more moments then starts into the other part of his tale. "No one has ever ventured into the ogre's lair though everyone in town knows where it is so as to stay away. He lives in a cave call Skulltop Hillock, (this cues in Leilara's History check, see below) just a couple hours north of town towards the Troll Hills. It was such odd behavior for Blogg to come early, and want captives. We gained time while he waited for us to gather the sheep and ale, to concoct a plan of poisoning one of the ale barrels from the brewery. Sherella the Naturalist used her herb lore and hopefully the beast is dead, although no one in the village is brave enough to check. So we will hire out a party such as yourselves, for one-hundred gold sheafs."

[sblock=History for Leilara]
The reason you are in Dundor Springs is the rumor of an old adventurer coming out of retirement. It intrigued you that a man well past his years would take up arms to fight an ogre by himself. True heroism or foolhardiness. The ogre in the story came from a place called Skulltop Hillock. But before you could ask about the story, you heard about the ogre, the captives, and the gathering of heroes.[/sblock]
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Charwoman Gene

"I heard of this ogre though it was not the ogre that drew me. It was tale of an old adventurer, his career long behind him coming out of retirement to face an ogre at Skulltop Hillock. I wonder now if there was any truth to the rumor after all," mused Leilara.


Hassan nods his thanks to Snorri and Leilara. Two companions for the battle, with the mysterious lady in tow, that would be four. He regards the last man at the table as the madman prepares some tea with terrific pyrotechnics. Accustomed to fire, Hassan does not rock back too much, but still regards the wizard with some asperity. "We were discussing the ogre. The lord says he may have been poisoned, but we need to go make sure and rescue the townfolk. Are you in or out?"


"Of course!" Budget said. "Rescue the Ogre and poison the townsfolk. Seems counterintuitive to me, but that's not my call, I suppose."

He turns to Lord Duncan. "Have you heard of a Paladin by the name of Lord Tulwar? I hear he was buried around these parts. My studies have led me to search out his grave."

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