D&D 5E One Shot: Legends are Made, not Born (IC)


Hassan shrugs at Milady's question. "He certainly seems... excentric. Hopefully he'll be of use." Shaking his head and smiling at Snorri's reaction to the woman, he heads out the door to join the others and embark on a new adventure.

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The trip from Dundor Springs to Skulltop Hillock takes just under two hours. It is an uneventful walk following a road made of two long dirt ruts with a tall grass down the center. (Plenty of time to come acquainted and figure out the abilities of your new traveling companions.)

You now stand inside the cover of a small copse of trees looking at your destination...

[I]read to players[/I]
After a two hour hike, the leering visage of Skulltop Hillock comes to view. It is a large weathered hill, the top of 
which is shaped like a humanoid skull including hollow depressions for eye sockets and a rough gaping maw. 
A small trail makes its way toward the ominous hillock, under the watchful void of the stone skull's eye sockets. 
The ground in front of the ogre's cave is trodden with many hoof prints, and barren of all vegetation.

A large stone boulder, obviously used to block the cave entrance, has been pushed to the left. Beyond is a 
dark cave, perhaps 10 feet wide and 12 feet high. In the distance, the constant bleating of sheep can
 be discerned.

From your vantage point you can not see any sheep, the bleating is coming from the other side of the hill.



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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Snorri shakes his head as he watches the shape of the hill. The dwarf is obviously not impressed with whoever shaped the rock into the skull form. Then, eager to discover the secrets of the cave, he steps forward, moving directly towards the entrance.


At one point during the trek through the woods, Badger stopped and began staring at a tree.

Then, suddenly, he whipped out his rod and a five foot fire erupted next to the tree! It burned for a moment before he put it out.

Badger walked over to the scorched patch of earth and reached down. He came up with what appeared to be a charred squirrel. He made his way back to the others.

"I hate squirrels," he muttered as he began taking the skin off, the meat underneath perfectly charred.

As they came to the skull hill, he happily munched on squirrel while the others considered their next move.

"I could try to bring the cave down," he suggested through mouthfuls.

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Hassan nods at the sight of the open cavern. "This is the place I saw earlier, but it's open now." He shakes his head at Badger's comment, "the villagers could be inside. Or the ogre could be outside. Either way, collapsing the cave would do no good." He pushes forward, joining Snorri, whispering to the dwarf. "Hsst, friend. The cave was blocked before, but now it is open. Only the ogre could have moved such a boulder. We should check around to make sure he is not out here lest his return pin us inside." He points to the hill where the bleating could be heard. "Let's get a quick view from up there."


OOC: So please post your characters current location:
A)Cave entrance or...
B)Crest of the hill near the bleating.

I'll update Wed nite at the latest.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Snorri nods to Hassan, slowing his walk to a more quiet trod. Raising his shield, the dwarf flanks his companion as they scale the crest of the hill.

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