D&D 5E One Shot: Legends are Made, not Born (IC)

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Skulltop Hillock

“This place isn’t ominous at all,” Milady commented dryly as they arrived at Skulltop and reconnoitered the place. “Perfect for an ogre lair.”

Snorri the dwarf heads for the entrance. Milady winced at Badger munching on the charred squirrel. As the group maneuvered up to the crest of the hill to observe the area, Milday drew her hand crossbow and rapier. It never hurt for a lady to be careful.

Bonus Action:
Free Interaction:

[sblock=Milady’s Mini Stats]
Inspiration: 0
AC: 15
HP: 12/12 HD: 1/1d10
Init: +3
PP: 10
PI: 12
Bolts: 40
Second Wind (1/R 1d10+1)


Cresting the hill the group sees a small herd of sheep grazing on whatever small tufts of grass they can find. Remembering that the mayor said the village had given the ogre sheep along with ale for the past few months.

Looking about there is no ogre to be seen, but Hassan notices someone (human-sized), napping under a tree about forty feet away to the groups left.

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The top of the hill (skull) is about 60 feet to the right.
Tree (with sleeping humaniod) is only one on the hillside. There are more at the bottom of the hill (80 feet), as well as a huge hedge row that hugs the base of the hill line following it around and out of sight to the other side.
"What do you do?" - famous DM question


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Not much of a shepherd," Snorri whispers derisively as he follows Leilara to the sleeping figure.


"If I were a wolf, I wouldn't have such bad fleas," Badger said, scratching his neck. "I could wake the lad up, if you like." He pulled out a small, charred wand and pointed at the boy.

(Anybody going to stop him?)

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
"No!" Snorri yells, rushing towards Badger to stop him.

Once the dwarf is sure the shepherd is safe from the strange wizard - well, as safe as anyone could be around this loose cannon - he composes himself.

"No magic," Snorri whispers, "unless absolutely necessary."

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