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One song that made you feel something.


I'm gonna post two...

Eric Bogle - No Man's Land (Green Fields of France)

I'm told one of my father's cousins died in WW I and is buried somewhere in France... Two of his oldest brothers fought in WW II but both made it home. I've never managed to sing it all the way through...

Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun


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With some songs used in movies and TV it's hard to separate the impact of the song itself from what's happening on-screen, especially in memory (Circle of Life from The Lion King had me in tears during the opening minutes of the film) but I think this one stands well enough on its own.



He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
I think this one captures the hurt, confusion, and frustration of being a teenager while managing to be euphoric at the same time. It's a helluva piece of songwriting:

I just gotta say, Fender is very impressive for his age. I really dig what he is laying down. Also, wish I had a voice like that.

I've been touched by a number of Loreena McKennit, especially the ones she bases on Yeat's poems. This one hammered me particularly hard after I'd lost my dog of 12 years a couple years ago, and it still evokes a melancholy but not unpleasant response:

I have a soft spot for her as well, as my father used to listen to her constantly in the house. I also like her version of Greensleeves.

Another interesting pairing is McKennit's version of the Highwayman:

And Phil Och's version of the same poem:

I always liked the poem and both their musical interpretations of it

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