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One song that made you feel something.

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I've been touched by a number of Loreena McKennit, especially the ones she bases on Yeat's poems. This one hammered me particularly hard after I'd lost my dog of 12 years a couple years ago, and it still evokes a melancholy but not unpleasant response:

Thanks for that, that was beautiful. Are you familiar with the Waterboys version of that poem?

I'm not really sure how to embed media, so in case it doesn't work

Stolen Child



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There are a lot of songs that have moved me over the years, often by surprise and a lot depending on the mood I'm in at the time. So, MANY songs have the potential to wrap me up.
This one gets me a lot. Phil Chevron of the Pogues wrote a hell of a song about the Irish immigrant experience in North America with "Thousands are Sailing", spanning events from the early 19th century, right up to late 20th with visa limitations.

This one is not the song as much as it is the performance. Judy Garland was famous for her voice and acting. But she was also famous for her issues with depression and addiction. This performance is one of the most powerful recordings to show the latter, in a way that has rarely (if ever) been duplicated.

Bonus points to the conductor that made sure the band followed her perfectly.


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ETA: The lyrics are a bit difficult to make out in this rendition, but they deal with the hopes of two Union soldiers going into what amounts to a TPK during the Civil War that one of them will survive to deliver a message to the other’s loved one.
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