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4E [OOC Discussion] A Call for Lovers (DM: jbear Judge??)


Okay h¡ guys, lets do a roll call:

"A Call for Lovers"
1: [MENTION=90924]LordGraz'zt[/MENTION] (creating PC; nearly finished) lvl 1: Striker
2: [MENTION=84680]treex[/MENTION] (creating Watersoul Genasi Scout) lvl 1: Striker
3: [MENTION=100292]Neil1889[/MENTION] ( nearly complete Rain, Tiefling Shielding Swordmage) lvl 1: Defender
4: [MENTION=6690636]Daeja[/MENTION] (in process of creating Eladrin Rogue) lvl 1: Striker
5: [MENTION=98255]Nemesis Destiny[/MENTION] (in process of creating PC) lvl 1: Open to anything
6: [MENTION=78756]Son of Meepo[/MENTION] (Wrathful Invoker) lvl 1: Controller

Here you can talk about balancing out the group and even tying your backgrounds together.

The adventure will take place in a new region I'm going to plonk on the map called the Crystal Isles. It will be on the main trade route between The Jade Kingdoms and Daunton. It will consist of a series of islands all named after different crystals, with many growing trade cities scattered about the place.

The action will take place initially on Bloodstone, in the thriving port of Sybar, a city ruled by Count Varis, a man renowned for his love of his island and the region. It will move from their to a neighbouring island Elestial to the city of Crystal Brook and the Sildaine Forest, where Count Varis will ask you to go and resolve a dispute between the two peoples in his name.

Here are some blurbs that may inspire links to backgrounds for you from the adventure:

You grew up in Crystalbrook. a small agricultural community on the plains near the Sildaine Forest and the town's namesake, the stream known as the Crystalbrook. Familiar with the town and its troubles, you're also known as a capable individual there. You know the town's ruler, Lady Anya Tamora, and her son, Orlando, to some degree. Lady Tamora is fair but stern, sanctioning
retaliation against fey incursions and doing her best to protect her people. Orlando is brave and honest, but he has shown no interest in rulership since his father died a decade ago. He has refused involvement in any action against the Sildaine fey.
Do you know the Tamora family well? What was your job in Crystalbrook before you answered Count Varis's call? What was your reputation beyond your known competence? Do you think badly of the fey in the nearby woods? Have you or your family had trouble with the Sildaine fey? What about others you know? Have you harmed the fey in some way?

You grew up in the ancient Sildaine Forest, maybe in the elven village that stands alongside the Crystal brook as it runs through the woods. You know all too well of the area's recent troubles. The woodland realm usually provides for all, but recent events-weather, strange creatures, and incursions from the nearby town of Crystalbrook-have disturbed the tranquility of your home. Carric, Lord of the Sildaine, has established edicts to keep nonfey out of the forest and tax those passing through on the roads. But even his youngest
daughter, Juliana, is an1Qng those reluctant to follow the decrees. You've always known her as determined, curious, and daring. Perhaps she knows something others don't.
How well do you know Lord Carric, his wife Myran, and his children, especially Juliana? What do you do in the Sildaine Forest? What do the other fey of the forest think of you? Why did you answer Count Varis's call? What do you think of the overbold townsfolk of Crystalbrook? Have you or any you care about had trouble with them? Did you act against the town in any way?

You are a citizen of Count Varis's city of Sybar, a small but cosmopolitan place where several trade routes converge. The city offers countless challenges and opportunities, and you have availed yourself of several
in your chosen career. You have heard of troubles on the frontier in the nearby island of Elestial, and when Count Varis called for aid, you answered. You know the count to be a fair man who loves his city and the region.
Why did you answer the count's call? What did you do before you answered? What district of the city did you grow up in-docks, farm, slum, trade, or noble? Do you hope to gain anything in this quest? How do other Sybarans think of you? Do you have relatives in the town of Crystal brook or Sildaine Forest?

Of course you don't have to use this at all. You just need a reason to be in the region and to receive a call from Count Varis, which is where I think I'll kick things off.
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Technically, my PC, Themes Swiftriver, the Watersoul Genasi Scout is done mechanically. I just need to think of more fluff.

I've already gotten one approval, my character sheet is here.

For his background I can say that he used to be a pirate (he comes from a pirate tribe) and that his family (almost all families in the tribe are pirates, it's almost taboo not to be one) have decided to become traders of the sea instead.

He could be at the port or the tavern when he stumbles upon the adventure.
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[MENTION=98255]Nemesis Destiny[/MENTION] Are you okay with putting together a leader class in that case? Not obligatory. You can always give it a crack with out a leader. I won't be going easy on the group just because there is no leader though.
@Nemesis Destiny Are you okay with putting together a leader class in that case? Not obligatory. You can always give it a crack with out a leader. I won't be going easy on the group just because there is no leader though.
Yep, I'm on board with playing a leader. I had been leaning that way anyway, and even if I ended up doing something else, I was going to bake in some Leader regardless.

I'd been thinking about Warlord or perhaps Bard (Skald?). Probably human, but I have more reading to do on the L4W fluff before I pick. I'd also considered a Sentinel Druid, but wolves and bears don't make great companions for ocean-going games.


Rain, Tiefling Swordmage has now one approval. I've some fluff to edit in and then she's good to go (thanks to renau1g. :) )


I don't think it has been clarified whether this is going to be mostly in water, but the fact that we'll be island hopping might indicate at least quite some travel by ship so yeah. Also, you don't really need to worry much about lore when it comes to character creation, everything belongs. I have a Warforged Vampire here JUST BECAUSE I CAN *roar*
If it looks like this group is going to have good MBAs, then Warlord makes a lot of sense (and I'll probably MC with Master of Stories for 3 heals/enc), if not then some kind of Bard is likely. I'm also considering a ranged Artificer, or even a Battle Cleric (though I usually shy away from divine classes).


Oh yeah, I've tried making a cleric, it was really hard for me to make sense of anything as I'm pretty new, never played a cleric, and I had to change the deity or something to a L4W equivalent...
I can make the mechanics work, but yeah, there is the issue of learning the L4W pantheon, but my main issue is more one of roleplaying. It's funny because I have no issues with being a magic elf or whatnot, but I have trouble swallowing the whole divinity thing. Chalk it up to real-life bias I guess. :)


[MENTION=75065]jbear[/MENTION] just a note on setting material -- as things are set up currently, the most obvious way to get to Daunton from the Kingdom of Jade is to go through a portal to the Isle of Opposition and sail from there. If you're setting up a major trade route through the Crystal Isles, you could reroute the portals so that there's a portal from the Kingdom of Jade to the Crystal Isles, and another that goes from the Crystal Isles to the Isle of Opposition. (This would represent a change to things as they currently stand, but it would make sense.)

Just food for thought.


[MENTION=14889]Mewness[/MENTION] Thanks. Any input like that is really useful. I don't know if I'm overstepping my bounds by plonking the Crystal Islands into the setting, but I thought the who heaving islands thing is in place so that DMs can add in things so that adventures can fit better.

I'll check out the Isle of Opposition and see how I can make things fit better.

In so far as changing things/adding things in the Wiki, where should I look to see what the process for that is?

Thanks for your help! And please don't hesitate to give more input! You're my favourite PbP DM so I respect your opinion!
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Anyone's allowed to add to the setting, but if you're changing something, you should start a thread to discuss it (although I doubt anyone would object).

Edit: And there are certainly any number of possible explanations for having a setup like the one you first proposed. For example, maybe the portal to the Isle of Opposition is controlled by some faction in the Kingdom of Jade, and another faction that doesn't get along with the first faction has established this alternate trade route so they don't have to deal with their enemies.
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Re: Pets

A Sentinel Druid would actually work pretty well for this adventure to be honest.

The boat ride from one island to the other is not far. You can actually see one island from the other. I'm thinking a long ferry ride is all that is needed, let's say the better part of a day. So if you leave in early in the morning on a quick ship you arrive by late late afternoon. A slow boat might arrive the next morning.

So if that is your only hesitation, it's not a sea based adventure. Bears and Wolves welcome!

Edit: I like warlords, but skill-wise I'm thinking a skald would get the upper hand over the warlord. There will be a decent amount of combat but having a skilled group will be useful as well.

Let's see: Swordmage: Check on Arcana and History +okay on Endurance and Athletics
Rogue: Check on Dex skills so sneaking is all good
Scout: Nature and Perception check
Invoker: Insight and Religion check
So I guess from a quick overview you'll be pretty well covered already except charisma based skills. Rogues can make a decent face but it depends how you build them. Anyway, something to consider.
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Sorry, if you were expecting pirates, boats and sea monsters, well best to quash those expectations before hand rather than during the adventure. It's a ready made adventure that I think is pretty cool. Lots of fighting, lots of roleplay ... but sorry no boating action.