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[OOC Discussion] A Call for Lovers (DM: jbear Judge??)

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Kartuus (Hybrid Blackguard/Warlock) is now up for approval - he can perfom 'face' duties if needed as well as giving the rogues and scout another stealthy partner.

Karttus' Character Sheet
Hehehehe ... talk about throwing me a curve ball with that PC.

Have I understood right. Kartuus is an evil Shade?

Okay, but you'll have to help me out on 'why would Count Varis get in contact with you to help you be his diplomatic representative to resolve a dispute between two neighbouring factions' and 'Why would Kartuus be interested in engaging in such an adventure'.

I had to chuckle when you volunteered Kartuus for Face duty and then I opened his sheet and saw his face. hehehe or skull rather.

If you can work those two things into your background and convince me that Kartuus is going to be a cooperative member of the party then sweet.

Re: Pirates. hehehehe... had to chuckle at that too.Thinking cap is on. See what I can do.


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Was a bit worried about putting the PC up without the fluff - I have covered all those concerns in the fluff, which I should hopefully have done in the next day or so.

In terms of appearance he will looks like an abnormally pale human with long pale blonde hair, his dark grey eyes further betraying his unnatural origins.

The image I had there was purely just a reference point - I did not actually intend for him to look like an armoured skeleton - did not think that would be a good look for him walking the streets or interacting with the party.

Whenever he sees himself in the mirror that is probably what he sees though.

I included his theme power, but not any mention of the theme on the sheet, taking care of that now.

EDIT: For clarification I thought long and hard about whether to go with this type of character and how it would work in terms of adventuring and how he would be a good party member. You will not have to worry about Kartuus disrupting play - I was just really interested in playing a darker character/anti-hero.
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I've been thinking.

Yes, it's true!

It would be cool if Count Varis had a reason to send you a personal call to be involved in the mission rather than hearing about it in a pub and walking up to his gates claiming you are the man or woman for the job.

For treex' pirate that might be trickier. But maybe he has a fellow crew member on board who has had personal dealings with Varis who asks you to go in his stead as he is unable for some reason or another. Or maybe Count Varis is outwardly a very serious upright fellow, but like any decent ruler he also controls the underbelly of his city. After all if you are not in control of what goes on in the shadow, someone else will do the job for you. No matter how much light you cast, there will always be shadows.

Anyway, just throwing it out there.

If you don't, I may just take liberties with your backstories and do it myself ;) Feel free to take liberties yourself and flesh out the setting to fit your backstory. It's pretty bare bones at the moment so there is a lot of room for that!

As it stands Varis now has a very extensive well renowned library, home to a vast array of rare tomes and scrolls. Many foreign scholars flock to and pay hefty sums or make costly deals in order to get even limited access inside.

Of course it goes without saying that if you want to link yourselves to each other beforehand, by all means, go right ahead.
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or the count had his servant(s) come to Daunton to seek out Adventurers/help and X found himself fitting the bill/ad aka he was this yea high and thus forth


Oky, I think I've got my character together... I've got one thing to clarify, and then submit it for approval.

I think I'll have Zuri living in Sybaran at the time the Count is requesting aid. I don't know if a level of notoriety within the town would be appropriate - I'm thinking she's been plying her trade as a thief there (or along the local trade routes with the town as her home base) since childhood. Perhaps he knows of/has been advised of her particular skillset and her potential usefulness re: the current problem?


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What a coincidence, I was just reading about Storm on Wikipedia. When she was a young street rat she had to steal to get by and stole from Prof. X while he was visiting.

He recognized her potential but couldn't followup because he was then attacked psychically by some villain and had to fend himself so he couldn't chase after her.


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[MENTION=78756]Son of Meepo[/MENTION] [MENTION=98255]Nemesis Destiny[/MENTION]

Can you link your character here when you have them up on the wiki? That way I'll add them to the adventure page. Thanks.

So Rain is approved (2 approvals).

Kartuus looks good for approval from me (I'm just holding off cos I wasn't sure if you were going to alter anything. Just need to add the fluff there in our background really. And as long as that isn't anything world breaking then that is pretty much a given.

Zuri is up but needs some work (see PM).

Themes I haven't had a chance to look at more than briefly but at a glance looks pretty good. I'll do a proper review for approval tomorrow night.

Once everyone has at least my approval for their PCs we'll kick things off!

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