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Ok, so we'll need to get the party back from the front lines and back to Oleg's (not that they're far out). I will NPC Ruarc to lead the party back to the Trading Post. I'll likely have them encounter Razam on the way and Shay's PC can perhaps meet them at Oleg's. Ironheart can also join up there... sound like a plan?

I'm going to post the conversation in the tavern thread for Ironheart, probably tonight.


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Just to keep all those interested informed (right, I'm guessing only r1 too, but I like to throw out a big net, just in case) I made a couple of changes to Razam's character sheet.
Thanks! :D


I was deadly serious, renau1g, about losing my link to Faustus's sheet. A little help would be much appreciated.

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