(OOC) Planescape: Intrigue


Okay, intro post is up.

I apologize in advance to everyone for railroading your characters - Promise this is not the norm with how I plan to operate- I'd prefer you move around the Cage and the Planes at your pace and by making your choices - but I needed to figure out a way to force this rag-tag band to team up.

Honestly thought this was a more effective way to team build evil characters rather than having them meet at Sigil's Villain convention, have them posture for a bit, then accept a quest together.

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Sure, I’m easy either way. I was just confirming. I imagine he’d always have a dagger nearby, at the very least.

Last day that I’m running a camp so I’ll post this evening and will have more spare time from here on out.


Me refreshing the IC thread every 20 minutes:

maybe I missed in in one of the posts:

What are we doing for equipment? I gave myself starting equipment and then rolled starting gold forgetting that it's one or the other. That said, I haven't bought anything with the gold I rolled. Someone mentioned potions?

found it


Apologies, did not specify certain mechanics

-Let's do standard 27 point buy. I like this web-based point buy, as it allows you to plug in a variety of races, including variant humans.
-Starting at level 5
-1 secret item of significance that you'll DM me
-Standard equipment and wealth for a 5th level character, but no starting magical items
-I will also give a faction-specific item or bonus to the character, including no faction, or Primes
-Up to 2 uncommon potions from here: Magic Items Index :: 5e.d20srd.org

What did I miss?

I'm trying to drum up a bit of conversation. I was figuring this scene could have a bit of exposition - a good opportunity to rp our characters. My character is putting clothes on, so it gives us a chance to stand around and talk and discuss why we're here.

It's interesting: in real life I interview people to try to find stuff out about them. It's funny how conversational techniques I use at work don't work at all in pbp, lol.

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