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Optional module: new abilities scores for an universal d20 system.

Sometimes I guess WotC wants to create a d20 Modern 2.0. but with the goal to be a universal multi-genre system, to adapt different Hasbro's franchises and by other companies, and not only sci-fi but also other subgenres like mechas (giants robots), kaijus (giant monsters) or superheroes. And it has to be a system who also third companies like to use it for their own lines, but maybe someone would like use a different list of abilities scores.

The abilities scores are one of the sacred cows of d20 system, but maybe this should be more flexible if we want a true universal d20 system all the third companies want to use. If we add too many abilities scores, not only the game become more complicated but also some munchkins would try to take advantage of this for possible abuses, but we could fix it with some rule with different "pools" of abilities scores.

My idea of new abilities scores.

Courage: This could be used in horror settings. It wouldn't mean only bravery, but also willpower and resistance to mental stress.

Grace: In other games this is the fate, luck or karma. If Con means the health of the body, then Grace would the "health" of your soul.

Astuteness: Ast and Int are two different things. With a good Int your PC can learn more and faster, or think about complicated strategy, but Ast means thinking fast (not blocked by mental stress), improvisation and also social manipulation. Also this means to notice about those little details to discover a mystery, trap, a lie, not about finding clues or signs but a right interpretation of theses. In my setting the evil clerics don't use Wis but Ast.

Technique: No, Des and Tch are different things. Des is about agility and fast actions, for example to dodge a hit, but Tch isn't about good reflexes but pre-learnt actions (playing music, dance, key and maneuvers of martial arts) or a good visual-manual coordination for actions what need more time, and concentration (disarm a trap, cooking, healing, craftwork and art).

Most of you will not want to use these in your game, but maybe they should be as an optional module in the future SRD of a d20 Modern 2.0. to can be used by a third company for their own titles, or for a easier conversion of other RPGs with a different system of abilities scores.

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40th lv DM
So you want WoTC to reinvent GURUS or the Paladium system & give it away for free via SRD?

Gurus or GURPS?

My idea is a module for a easier adaptation of other systems or allowing little changes for players who don't want to learn too many new rules. Some DMs want to create setting what are mash-up mixing different franchises, Ravenloft + World of Darkness, for example, or third companies who want to publish their own version of d20 system with some little changes to be easily understood and accepted by new players.

What do you think are the abilities scores most used in other RPGs but not in d20 system?

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