'Origin' of Your User Name

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Used to design wargames ~20 years ago; one campaign I made for Panzer General 2, "The Great Patriotic War" depicting the Soviet side using Russian, Polish, Romanian, and other sources, was recently added to a browser game from somebody in Czechia.

On the forums, I decided to call myself "dragoner" because it sounded cool, my great grandfather was a captain of dragoons in the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, and it means "dragoon" in German.


My username is from when I was a member of a mediaeval club and needed a name for my persona. Ulfgeir is of old Nordic origin, and can best be translated as Wolfspear.

So ended up using that on a number of forums. On Discord (and the global name on City of Heroes) I use Red Gazelle. That was based on a character I played in Mutants & Masterminds 2e.


On that metempsychosis tweak
My username is an inside joke of sorts which arose as a result of linguistic tomfoolery amongst my comrades. The name "Abeir-Toril" was consistently pronounced as both ABE-er-TOR-ill and A-beer-TOR-ill, to the great annoyance of the DM, the group, and everyone. While this argument raged online and in person, I jokingly uttered something that sounded like ABBER-TOR-ill. The letter AE was chosen, and the name stuck.

So, it's AE-burr-TOR-ill.


They could not pronounce my name in the Army, so I was always known as "nasty" regardless of rank. It stuck, and my older brother had the same name in the Air Force.


Not your screen monkey (he/him)
There's either another thread about this here or on another message board I've visited - because I'm sure I've answered this before but I don't seem to be in this thread.
Anyway, my real name is Bill and my last name starts with D. And since that's a reeeeeeeeeeeel common combination in lots of places and I was tired of having to come up with unique names everywhere, I appended a number meaningful to me (graduated from college in 1991) and that was less likely to be duplicated.

I spend several years surviving in the wilderness of South Holland with the Brabant people, who gave me this name, which roughly translates to "He who inspects floors really well".


Druid of the Invisible Hand
Shroompunk is my life's work, both trying to reinvigorate higher-level cosmic play in the OSR, and a meta-setting that's designed to feature and emphasize that playstyle by marrying good old fashioned Appendix N blood and thunder with Super Mario Bros and Masters of the Universe.

Warlord is to differentiate me from the other Shroompunk, who seems like a pretty cool artist but isn't related to my work at all.



Er... I'll give you a hint... "its in my name"


Paul L. Ming

PS: Bonus...I often use "Plum" and "Plum_Fun". Basically, my initials but 'spoken as a word'; "PLM"...say it out and it sounds like "Plum". And Plums are purple; I like the colour purple. :) I also use "Denakahn" on some other forums...my highest level PC ever, a 20th level 1e Magic-User grey elf.

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
Most people assume it is based on SnarfQuest, the Elmore comic that was a mainstay of Dragon Magazine in the 1980s, combined with Zagig Yragerne after he ascended to godhood (ZAGYG!), thus making me an insane zeetvah.

Those people would be wrong! It is, in fact, a tribute to Roland Barthes.


I don't remember exactly except I can refute the connection to Futurama, a show I was not yet aware of at the time.

If I had to guess, I took my inspiration from Snoopy the WWI ace fighter and Spiff the Spaceman.


Apparently it derives from the anglicized name of the patron saint of Wales, St. Dewi (aka St. David.) UK sources, and most Canadian ones, pronounce it "day-VIZ"; American sources, and my family, pronounce it 'DAY-veez', which is how the name 'Davis' is pronounced in the UK and Canada. I sometimes find the implications of that fact disturbing.

My best friend once told me that I would be happy staying at the top of a mountain with all the animals, hence "hermit." And forests are green, so when somebody had already claimed "Hermit," I added the green part as well.


My group hadn't been playing 1E D&D very long. We entered a room with stairs descending to the floor of the room, where a red dragon was curled up on his pile of treasure. The monk whooped and rushed down to start whacking it on the nose. Staying on the balcony, my elvish fighter/magic user started preparing a spell. The inexperienced DM decided he would roll a die to see who the dragon attacked, to be fair. My number came up, and the dragon breathed on my low-level character. Hence... Elf flambe!

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