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'Origin' of Your User Name

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Dying in Chargen
Used to design wargames ~20 years ago; one campaign I made for Panzer General 2, "The Great Patriotic War" depicting the Soviet side using Russian, Polish, Romanian, and other sources, was recently added to a browser game from somebody in Czechia.

On the forums, I decided to call myself "dragoner" because it sounded cool, my great grandfather was a captain of dragoons in the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, and it means "dragoon" in German.


My username is from when I was a member of a mediaeval club and needed a name for my persona. Ulfgeir is of old Nordic origin, and can best be translated as Wolfspear.

So ended up using that on a number of forums. On Discord (and the global name on City of Heroes) I use Red Gazelle. That was based on a character I played in Mutants & Masterminds 2e.


J.C. Denton probably
My username is an inside joke of sorts which arose as a result of linguistic tomfoolery amongst my comrades. The name "Abeir-Toril" was consistently pronounced as both ABE-er-TOR-ill and A-beer-TOR-ill, to the great annoyance of the DM, the group, and everyone. While this argument raged online and in person, I jokingly uttered something that sounded like ABBER-TOR-ill. The letter AE was chosen, and the name stuck.

So, it's AE-burr-TOR-ill.

Halloween Horror For 5E