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"Mirzabah" was the name of one of my favourite characters - a dwarven fighter. It actually comes from one of the Dune novels - means "Foe Hammer".

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Origins of Dristram

Dristram was my first ever 3E charcter, a Fighter/Rogue. He had three fighting styles. Either two short swords, spiked shield and short sword, or simply the short bow.

I came up with the name Dristram from Tristram, one of King Arthur's knights. And I chose Tristram because I used to have the alternanate form, Tristan, as my personna name as a Landsknecht (German Mercenary) at Renaissance Faires.



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Taloras Tamuril was an elven character i used to RP as online......havent played as him in years, but neither of my other 2 characters where memorable....Sarius and Vaynard really didnt do very well.....Im still known as Tal on most message boards online, if not the full Taloras.

I've lurked here a loong time, and I had to think about a username that fit me a while ago, when I finally decided to post..

I feel kind of like I'm a part of two worlds, and yet still part of neither. In many ways it is easier socially to be either normal hearing, or deaf... But as I'm hard of hearing with knowledge of sign language, I can function reasonably good in both worlds, but not 100% in either.. So my username thus became Citizen of 2 worlds.

Actually, since I took the name, I have started to feel that it is a strength to be able to communicate with both speech and signing, and not just being in a no-mans land socially.

I considered other alternatives.. Initials? M.U.F.F doesnt sound really good.. its a word in english.. bleh.

RPG based? Hmm.. I've mostly DM'ed.. (And not at all the last years) I remembered some names from my first session RPG'ing (a swedish RPG called Drakar & Demoner) - my brother promptly made a character called wrieth (wraith spelled wrong).. And funnily, those characters weren't really good.. stats like 7,9,9,11,10, 13 or something.. Power gaming came later.. :rolleyes:

No, none of those early game names were much to choose from.. the other player in my first game actually was my father.. his character was Sikatos.. which _also_ was a misspelling..

Hm.. I migh have thought entirely too much about a user name, sonsidering i post so seldom.. ( But here's to posting more in the future.. :) )


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Well, I used to be known as EvilMountainDew, which was from an ooold Blizzard clan (it spanned over most games Blizzard made) and we were the Evil Soda Clan I was EvilMountainDew and there were EvilCherryPepsi (who might join these boards) EvilOrangeSoda and many many more

This one goes on about my fanatacism with MountainDew and that im addicted to the stuff


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Champions also

My name comes from a character I played in Hero/Champions also. He was a supers with the power to see far away with a claivoyance power.


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Was my first email address.

It is Finnish for "Winter War," the Soviet invasion of 1939-40. I focused on the diplomatic developments that led up to this war in my thesis.


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One of my favorite characters. I merged two german words: Zauber = magic; Krieg = war (give or take translations). Combined Zaukrie = magical warrior.


Some call it faith.

I first started using the handle when I needed a username for my new DSL account, because my old (and painfully overused) nickname "zero" was, of course, taken. It was either inspiration or recollection, but if the latter, I have no idea what it came from.


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Well, AGGEMAM, pronounced A - GE - MAAAM (3 A's), is danish baby language and means 'is it food'.

The phrase was used in a comic radio series called 'Gramsespektrum' (Snuggle-spectacle) for young adults a number of years ago.

When coming here the first time and being asked for a username it was really the first thing that came to mind.
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Salad Shooter

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I used to play the Tribes demo rather heavily (yes, the demo, AOL didn't like the full version) and one day I used it as my name, and I've been using it since...i think it was some sort of kitchen appliance that slices up veggies and stuff...


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Toki= A Korean word meaning Rabbit

Wong= A Korean word meaning King

Together they mean Rabbit-King, and usually the name is not taken, which is good, so I use it. Not too glamorous or long, but I like it, and no I am not Korean, I just speak the language.


EricNoah is the name of one of my favorite characters. He had the ability to Gather Information about D&D and spread the news about it from village to village using "the intraweb."


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EricNoah said:
EricNoah is the name of one of my favorite characters. He had the ability to Gather Information about D&D and spread the news about it from village to village using "the intraweb."

Wow, that's a pretty neat sounding PC, EricNoah. I could swear I've seen him before... was he one of the Heroes of the Lance?



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Well, I've been inspired. I used to go by evil_rmf. I'm not really evil, but it was the best i could come up at the time.

However, I've come up with a new one: francisca. My surname is Franks. The Francisca was an axe used by the Franks (and the Saxons). Basically, they were thrown in mass into enemy formations before charging into battle.

There is some scholarly debate as to whether the axe was named after the people, or if the people were named after the axe.

Either way, I like it.


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My name comes from three places.

First an Oingo Boingo Song

Second a book by W. Somerset Maugham, The Razor's Edge.

Third, when I played a Medic in TFC I needed a name for a clan I was joining. Since I was really into diseasing people that is what I called myself.

I've gone by DD, Double D, Diseased, Dread, DreadD, D Squared, Chili Palmer, etc...


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JEM is my initials, and does anyone remember Jem and the Holograms??? She was the first girl I had a crush on; unfortunately, she was a cartoon. And Kym is my girlfriend's name.

The Grey Dwarf

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I've been called a "Garden Ornament" since I grew a beard.
(Neither thin nor tall, you see)
It was the first name that came to my mind when I had to register.


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Asmo is short for Asmodean, one of the Forsaken in the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan. Then that bastard Rand al´Thor killed me off, so I had to change it to Asmo :D

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Lookout, another New Englander...

My name is actually Barad and I am a Gnome. :D

Ok, so I am a middleaged guy who has played D&D for over 20 years and one of his early 1E characters was named Barad and he was a Gnome. He was not necessarily my 'best' character, but he was reknown for being a light hearted trouble maker in game as well as to the DM. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

IIRC this type of thread was on Eric's original boards, it was enjoyable then too.

Go Buckaroo Bonzai fans!

Moxie being an aquired taste is not unlike the many wonderful things that are reputed to tasted like chicken.

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