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'Origin' of Your User Name

Silver Moon

Piratecat said:
I have 1.75 cats. The .75 of a cat is often referred to as Tripod or by his Indian name, "Dances with Chevys." The lack of a leg spawned the inevitable comparison to a pirate.

Wow P-Cat, it's a good thing I didn't know that was the criteria I was supposed to use to pick a user name. You may remember from the last Round Zero that you attend at my house that I have a cat named Weebles who has Cerebral Palsy. Using him as the basis my user name would be "Jon the Wobbly". :)

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At the time I came here I didn't think I would stay long (Started out as being a troll). So remembering bonedaggers from 2nd ed. being described as extremly sharp (;-)) I got curious about if anybody had taken the name.... That was about the same time I had to name my account. :D

I decided to stick with it because of the email address it was connected to and since then it has growen on me. I don't ,however, use this account name anywhere else.


Writing Fantasy Gumshoe!
Silver Moon said:

Using him as the basis my user name would be "Jon the Wobbly". :)

You know, Jon, they say that absolute power corrupts absolutely. :D If you want me to change your custom title to something else, just let me know!

Silver Moon

Piratecat said:

You know, Jon, they say that absolute power corrupts absolutely. :D If you want me to change your custom title to something else, just let me know!

OK, I guess I asked for that one. I'll let you know if I can think of another name - let's see what others might have for suggestions.
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Malin Genie

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Originally it was 'geniemalin' (the English word order, which I still am on other fora) but the French feel that the adjective 'evil' is one of the few important enough to go before the noun.



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Buttercup said:
I suppose most people have guessed this, but my name is from the movie, Princess Bride.

When I registered on Nutkinland last month, I was surprised to find out that everyone thought it referred to the repulsive and badly drawn Power Puff Girls. It doesn't.

Thanks for posting this BC. I had no idea where your name came from. My wife saw it on the screen and she suggested it was from PB. We had a short discussion about where your name came from.


Megamania is a comic book character I created. If you break it down it means

(paraphrased) a powderkeg of emotional and physical energy x1000



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A Nuclear Reprisal Inbound From Outerspace...

Long ago, back when I was still in Secondary School, I used the name "Catalyst" and later "Catalyst001" until such a time that I discovered that the name was quite numerous in the places that I inhabited. Plus, hehe, I never really liked being called "Cat" whenever I was playing a game of Q2CTF or something.

So I took the name from a line in a song by Matthew Good -- much maligned in many circles -- and adopted it. I can still be found here and there by the name of Nuclear_Reprisal, but generally speaking, I've shortened it to Reprisal. Plus, hehe, I didn't really like being called "Nuke" when I was playing Counterstrike.

Now, I'm Reprisal. Hooray, and they tend to call me "Rep" on Day of Defeat now... if anything at all, hehe.

Neat thread, :cool:

- Rep.


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I got scarymonkey from some old episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. He said something like "Are you a nice monkey or a scary monkey? " Oh well, it was funny at the time. I guess you had to be there. I have also used that nickname for years while playing too much Starcraft on battlenet.



For those who know and love Terry Pratchett's novels of the Discworld, this nick should be almost instantly recognizable.

EcksEcksEcksEcks is a continent on the Discworld that is, in absolutely no uncertain terms, NOT Australia. It's just REALLY similar :)

Fourecks is funny on so many levels but you kinda have to be Aussie (or an honourary Aussie, like Pratchett) to 'get it'.

One of the funniest things about it, is that there is a beer here literally called XXXX. It's bloody awful. Worse than Fosters even. It's made in Queensland (our version of redneck country... and all you Queenslanders can bite me for saying that. I've lived and worked in Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Proserpine and Airlie Beach and also worked in Cairns, Thursday Island, Frasier Island, Brisbane and a whole lotta other places in that god-awful state, so I feel justified in abusing it!) and the saying goes Queenslanders call it XXXX because they are so dumb, they don't know how to spell BEER. :D

Anyway, obviously I'm an Aussie and I love Pratchett's books so...


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I played a lot of online first person shooters from the age of 8, and since then I've developed a habit of either dominating or getting "owned" so I took it upon myself very early on to come up with a great name for the leftover gore my "|337 skillz" either turned people into this pasty meaty substance, or I would end up just like it.

Creamsteak - The meaty paste left over when you take a rocket right to the gut.


I was playing DnD with a group of guys back in '87, when I was 17 and after I had been playing for about 6 years already . At first I was given the NPC Mongo the Dwarf (who's primary weapon was a dwarven thrower) to see if I was good enough to stick around, since all the guys in the group were 5 - 20 years older than me.

Once I was accepted, the DM gave me a new character to play, a Paladin named Ratenef. At the time we were playing Queen of the Spiders. There is a Paladin who is a prisoner that you find in the module (I didn't find out that this was indeed a part of the module until just last month when I bought the module and checked for him).

I played that character for 5 years, and he now an 18th level Paladin of Tyr, sometime during our adventures we moved from Oerth to Faerun. The party I played with became known as The Outworlders, since we had all come from Oerth and there was enought of us (about a dozen I believe, 8 players and 4 retainers) to be a known force. One of us actually owns a bar in Waterdeep, the bar top is the blade from a Giants greatsword.

How I miss those days of 'shake n bake' !!!!


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Hmm mine is boring. I had an old board name here a ways back, but drifted away from these boards for a while and subsequently forgot about it.

Then a year ago after using daiymo in a series on online MMORPG's, I used this username to reply to an ad for a PbP Rokugan/OA game last year. Game and group are still going
strong and Ive been enjoying this community(mostly as a lurker) ever since.


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Well my avatar is presently caused by a certain Admin...

...but my name is merely an old PC who only lasted one weekend. I just liked the name, and Ghost had already been taken when I tried to create an account here. *shrug* So I'm Tallarn.


Destil was the first charachter I ever seriously role-played in any sort of game (An online MUD called Dragonrealms). i've been using it ever since.


Around the time that I showed up here, I was trying to start up a gaming company that had been jokingly named "GnomeWorks Publishing".

So I called myself GnomeWorks.


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"haiiro" is an archaic word for "grey" in Japanese. I identify strongly with the idea that the world is almost never black and white - things come in shades of grey, myself included. I think that also means I take these things too seriously. ;)

I focused on Asian Studies in college (which made a big impression on me) and I've always liked using something slightly unusual (to me) for usernames. I've been haiiro online for around 2-3 years now, and it fits like a glove. It's very rarely taken, which is nice. ;)

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