'Origin' of Your User Name

Steven Trustrum is my real name.

Conan is a long standing nickname earned independently from two different sources.

One was because, when I used to play the bruiser defense in hockey, I picked up a player from the other team and tossed him through the glass because he hit our goalie. The local newspapers said I was a barbarian so my team started calling me Conan.

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I took my user name from my web-site, and I needed a user name and ID for the message board that I run, but mostly now... I use the name for the series of novels that I've written for.



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Well, garyh come from my name - Gary Hoggatt - but it's more than that, since just "gary" was available. My personal website is www.garyh.net, so I figured I'd continue establishing my online presence as garyh.

Larry Fitz

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Piratecat was taken...

and I've gotten used to responding to this name in real life, so I thought, "hey, why not?"

Actually, I wanted my handle to be obviously me, so people knew when I pumped stuff I wrote or LI produced that it was a biased opinion, thought that was the most fair thing to do. Plus I was hoping that WOTC would be so impressed by my creativity and wit that they would pay me heaps of cash to write the 4th Edition of D&D... um... still waiting on that....


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Sixchan is one of those western Otaku nicknames that you get by taking a word and adding '-chan' on at the end.

Six comes Number Six, the Main character in the old TV show 'The Prisoner' (and not some other show that had a character called Six and anther called Blossom or something that I can't really remember).

'-chan' pretty much means 'little'.

So Sixchan, or 'Little Six'.


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Legba. Voudoun loa of magic, protector of the home and deity of crossroads, the favorite meeting place of sorcerers. Worshipped in Santería as Eleggua, he has the same properties in both religions. He is also identifed with Saint Anthony. In Voudoun myth, Legba acts as the iterpreter of the gods; without his permission no loa can be contacted. (paraphrased from Voodoo: The Shadow War by C.J. Carella)


Dave Blewer

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You know, Jon, they say that absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you want me to change your custom title to something else, just let me know!

My cat is fine, but I have cerebral Palsy... I guess I should be known as Dave the very, very Wobbly. :D

I found out a few years ago that in my gaming group that was blessed with more than one Dave that I was known as Dave the Leg :)


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Mine used to be The Grim Reapa, but i shortened it to Grim.

The Grim Reapa came from my favorite game ever, Worms Armogeddon, and my number one team, "Death", which included... let me think...

The Grim Reapa
Bone White Cracka
D to the EATH
Dr. Bones
Chilly Fingers
The Damninator

I was so goofy then. Luckly it was only a phaze. Now I'm just crazy.


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djrdj = djordje -> George in a different spelling. Street Name...nick-name at Prep School

msqrd = masquerade -> various reasons...it has alot of meaning to me.

Also known on the 'net as raVen


Double meaning... The G.I. Joe character and service in the USMC.

Semper Fi!
Do Or Die!
Gung Ho!
Gung Ho!
Gung Ho!



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I started using it with my T-shirt company a few years ago. Being a small businessman, I needed a title that covered all my titles. I was the CEO, the CFO, the COO and every other corporate title that existed for that company. Of course, today, I run 2 businesses, and am about to start a 3rd. So my busiess cards could have a huge paragraph of titles on them. Rather than have all those titles listed on my business cards, I deceided to appoint myself the rare corporate title of "Bad Mother :) u:eek: k:cool: r."


Legba said:
(paraphrased from Voodoo: The Shadow War by C.J. Carella)
Is that not just the coolest setting? There are so many adventure ideas throughout the text that a DM is overwhelmed with options!

Pity I can never get anyone interested enough to play this :(


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The origin of my user name should be obvious. Yes, I know that both Cthulu and Ftaghn are misspelled. The first time I tried to use it as a login for something many years ago, the proper spelling was already taken. So I shifted the "h" in both words and, ever since, I've been cthuluftaghn.


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Meridian comes from an old AD&D character I had by the name of Meridian Flint (a cambion anti-paladin: a half-fiend human blackguard/fallen paladin for 3rd editioners).

The origin of the character was pseudo-Biblical, so the name I chose kind of reflected that. There was a phrase I latched onto: "the pestilence that walks at noonday." Meridian is the archaic term for "noon." Flint came from perverting the symbolism of Peter as the rock of the Church; being a fallen paladin, Meridian had been a rock of the Church but had splintered and cracked under the weight of his responsibilities. Flint is a brittle rock, and is best known for use in creating fires...and as a tool of the High Lord of the Nine Hells, he was certainly used to start a holocaust on his home plane.

Meridian Flint. :)
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