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D&D General Original D&D cheat sheets


As requested by @Autumnal, here are the (draft) cheat sheets I assembled for my upcoming Original D&D one-shot.

  • These are based strictly on my understanding (and as needed, extrapolation) of the three books in the original boxed set. I deliberately did not reference Chainmail, Outdoor Survival, any of the OD&D supplements, any magazine or fanzine articles from the era, or any player experiences I could have researched online. I also tried hard not to rely on assumptions from later editions. The premise of this exercise is, "what if I found this game by itself in a hobby store in 1974?"
  • The final versions will probably be more concise and table-friendly - this was partly an attempt to organize the rules into a more convenient form.
  • I stopped with player options at level 6 - the odds of players getting that far in one session seem slim. I also left out the rules for aerial and naval combat.

Feedback is obviously welcome - especially if I missed anything important. But remember, I'm ignoring anything outside of the original boxed set!
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