Painting minis; getting started


Last night I was working on the last parts of my fat giant man and I got a bit tired of it and just set it aside for a while. I find that 75% or more of the work on a miniature is actually done very quickly, but the remaining 25% where I add details that make the miniature pop can take a significant amount of time. When I get close to the end of a miniature, I sometimes just rush things because I want to get it done which gives me less than stellar results. What I should do, and what I reccomend to you, is that when things get a bit tedious and you don't feel like moving forward, just set your project aside and walk away for a bit. Are you on a time table? Do you need to get this done now? No. So just walk away and come back later refreshed and ready to go.

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Does anyone else work on multiple minis at a time? That's what I do to avoid burnout on any one of them. I usually have 6 to 12 going at a time.

Oh yeah. Earlier this year I looked at my cupboard of shame and said "That's it. You're getting done!" So I have about 50 minis on the go. I started by priming them all black. Then I started on all the base coats, 1 colour at a time. So all the dark brown bits. Then all the steel bits. Then all the skin tones. Etc. I'm at the point where I can't do large runs anymore. But, despite the fact that I don't paint anywhere near as much as I should, I'm making good headway.


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I haven't had too many going. I have thought about it. I have a pair of griffins I'm painting at the same time. I figure since the paint is out might as well do both.


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I did a tiger print on a coupe of mechs. Bushwhacker and Cataphract.


Does anyone else work on multiple minis at a time? That's what I do to avoid burnout on any one of them. I usually have 6 to 12 going at a time.
I usually have several projects going at once. But if I'm painting a squad of something, I'll work on them all at the same time. i.e. I'll paint the armor on all 10, move on to to their uniforms, then flesh, then weapons, etc., etc.


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Earlier this year I decided to be a late backer on a kickstarter for a metric shiz-ton of minis, but I still had a ton of unpainted minis. I decided that I was going to try to paint all my remaining unpainted minis before the KS was due to be fulfilled this month (no sign of fulfillment yet, shocker!). I did not want to get 200+ more minis while still having 200+ unpainted ones. Soon after my wife and I discovered our efforts to have a child had come to fruition and the kiddo (born just a week and a half ago) was also due in September. Suddenly, getting all these minis painted before September seemed all the more crucial. I started keeping track of which ones I painted and how many, and the date of completion.

Here is the data round up so far:


While I was very proud of myself for successfully painting every single one of my old minis (unpainted minis in my collection starting in the mid-90s and going through the early 00s), there were still some substantial number left of minis I purchased post-2019 when I started running a 5E game. I ended up painting all those too. All that remained were a bunch from the Minis i in a Box subscription service. . . so I started painting some of those very specific and wonderful minis (though less generally useful), when a friend who was moving offered me what we left of his Reaper Bones IV KS fulfillment (another several dozen minis) for $40 + split the shipping. How could I say no? So I put the remaining subscription service minis aside and started in on some of those

Of course, now that the baby is here I am not sure when I will get back to painting (heck, even playing is going to be delayed) but I feel I basically accomplished what I set out to do.

The numbers in June are low because we went on vacation and I spent most of that month making dungeon tiles and other terrain. I can share the list of what I painted, but it is long. . .obvi.

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