Palace of the Silver Princess - your experiences?


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Eleventh thread of a series on the old classic Dungeons & Dragons adventure modules. It is interesting to see how everyone's experiences compared and differed.

Palace of the Silver Princess

Did you Play or DM this adventure (or both, as some did)? What were your experiences? Did you complete it? What were the highlights for your group?

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I really don't remember much beyond the artwork and that it was a large dungeon.

However, I am moving down to the Sanford/Fayetteville area and I am looking to start a gaming group or join an existing one. Send me an email if you are interested.

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Wasn't this the module with Duchess and Candella? I still remember those female NPCs after all these years. I ran this module for my group back in the early 80's, and I recall a few of my players hitting on these characters, at least until
these two pretty thieves robbed them blind.


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I enjoyed using it back in the old days there is a degree of railroading to get one involved amd while a lot of the same convential themes are in place it has a more specific scenario then B1 or B2 did. I placed B3 down the road from B2 at one time in my camapign and it worked fine as an explination as to what the littlekeep was on the borderland of.


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This is one of my favorite modules.
Mostly because it was my standard First Module I ran everyone thru.

What I think is funny is that I ran over 50 characters thru this one and only ONE ever was petrified by the basilisk. :\ ;)

I am not sure if I remember correctly now but if this is the one with a secret door behind a curtian in the cleric's bedroom I had one group go thru this room several times before the finally found it.

Oh, that decapus always got at least one character in every party ;)

I will add more as other people post and remind me of what is in it.


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That was a long time ago

It was a long time ago, and I still remember it like it was like... a thousand years ago. That is, almost not at all.

All that lingers is a sweet recollection of a fantastic castle, an imprisoned princess and the smell of rose bushes.

I don't even remember if I ran it as a DM or played it as a player, but I enjoyed it very much.



It's a good intro adventure for players new to D&D. But for experienced players, it's only so-so. There are a lot of D&D tropes that experienced players will recognize and be able to exploit - but that new players will find exciting and unusual.

Then of course there is the whole controversy surrounding the original artwork, which you can read about at The Acaeum. By today's standards that artwork is pretty tame, in fact!


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Great Link! I love that Erol Otus artwork. I think I am going to cut up that pdf and make a background for myself. LOL!


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