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For the first time ever, Palladium is offering a “back to school” sale featuring pens, pencils, notepads, bookmarks, the Palladium Weapon series (all historically accurate), and select titles. Silly fun with BIG savings. Enjoy. ... Items.html

School & Gaming Supplies:

All pens – only $3.00 each.
All pencils – only 99 cents each.
Rifts® Notepad (gotta have one) – only $3.00 each.
All Greeting Cards (the holidays are just around the corner)
Bookmarks Set One – Rifts®, Heroes Unlimited™, Palladium Fantasy RPG®, and Dead Reign® – only $3.00 per mixed set of four, full color bookmarks – Cat. No. 2554.
Bookmarks Set Two – Chaos Earth®, Phase World® Sourcebook, Beyond the Supernatural™, and Nightbane® – only $3.00 per mixed set of four full color bookmarks – Cat. No. 2555.
Fantasy Mouse Pad (Old Ones cover) – only $5.97 – Cat. No. 2567.
Dead Reign®/Zombie Mouse Pad (Graveyard Earth cover) – only $5.97 – Cat. No. 2568.

Art Books:

Rifts® Coloring Book – Art by John Zeleznik – only $3.57 – Cat. No. 870.
Rifts® & The Megaverse® – Full color softcover John Zeleznik art book – only $13.77 – Cat. No. 2510.
Future Visions – Chuck Walton art book – only $8.37 – Cat. No. 2562.
Rifts® Machinations of Doom Graphic Novel and Sourcebook – art by Ramon K. Perez – only $11.37 – Cat. No. 871.

Required Reading – All novels on sale while supplies last:

Rifts® Sonic Boom novel – Part One of an exciting trilogy by Adam Chilson featuring the exploits of a CS Special Forces squad – only $9.79 – Cat. No. 301.
Rifts® Deception’s Web novel – Part Two of an exciting trilogy by Adam Chilson – only $6.97 – Cat. No. 302.
Rifts® Treacherous Awakenings novel – The conclusion of this epic trilogy by Adam Chilson – only $11.19 – Cat. No. 303.
Rifts®/Phase World® Novel – Hammer of the Forge, Volume One: The Cosmo-Knight – The adventures of a Cosmo-Knight across the Three Galaxies, Rifts Earth, and the Megaverse®, by James M. G. Cannon – only $9.79 – Cat. No. 306.
Rifts®/Phase World® Novel – Hammer of the Forge, Volume Two: The Reckoning – The conclusion to the Cosmo-Knight’s sojourn across the Megaverse® by James M. G. Cannon – only $10.49 – Cat. No. 307.
Rifts® Duty’s Edge novel – This stand-alone novel follows the sole survivor of an ill-fated NGR operation and the forces of evil – by Will Erwin – only $9.09 – Cat. No. 308.
Tales of the Chi-Town ‘Burbs Anthology Collection – 11 short stories by Kevin Siembieda, Carl Gleba, Mark Oberle, Taylor White and others – only $9.07 – Cat. No. 304.
Rifts® Path of the Storm™ – Proposed movie script by Matthew Clements plus character stats – only $9.07 – Cat. No. 305.

Recommended Reading:

After the Bomb® RPG – A complete game by Erick Wujcik – make mutant animals and Chimeras for AtB, Heroes Unlimited, Rifts®, or any setting – only $21.59 – Cat. No. 503.
After the Bomb®: Mutants Down Under sourcebook – only $7.96 – Cat. No. 507.
Chaos Earth® RPG (play the Great Cataclysm) – only $16.76 – Cat. No. 660.
Dead Reign®: In the Face of Death sourcebook – Big city survival – only $18.39 – Cat. No. 237.
Fantasy RPG: Garden of the Gods sourcebook – Truly epic, 40+ forgotten gods, blessings, curses, and hundreds of magic items, and more – only $21.59 – Cat. No. 475.
Fantasy: Lopan Raw Preview Edition – only $23.19 – Cat. No. 476-RAW.
Fantasy: Land of the South Winds Raw Preview Edition – only $23.19 – Cat. No. 477-RAW.
Heroes Unlimited G.M.’s Guide – 10 full adventures plus hooks for more, G.M. tips, rampage combat rules, quick roll villains and more – only $21.59 – Cat. No. 516.
Nightbane® Dark Designs sourcebook – Hundreds of Morphus choices and talents – only $16.76 – Cat. No. 736.
Rifts® Megaverse® in Flames World Book – The Minion War comes to Rifts Earth – only $19.96 – Cat. No. 876.


All Palladium Weapon Series titles for use with ANY game system.

Compendium of Modern Weapons – Your guide to 20th Century armaments. 450+ weapons from around the world, listed by country and type. 176 pages – only $21.59 – Cat. No. 415.
Weapons & Armor – 700 real world ancient weapons – swords, battle axes, knives, war hammers, maces, morning stars, pole arms, spears, staves, and more – and 30 suits of armor through the ages. Every single weapon and armor illustrated. Compiled by Matthew Balent – 48 pages – only $7.16 – Cat. No. 401.
Weapons & Castles – 20+ real world, ancient bow weapons, slings, siege weapons, and 15 castles with floor plans. Every weapon and castle illustrated. Compiled by Matthew Balent – 48 pages – only $7.16 – Cat. No. 402.
Weapons & Assassins – Notorious assassins throughout history, their weapons and tricks of the trade; the Order of Assassins, Ninja, and more. Every weapon illustrated. Written by Erick Wujcik. 48 pages – only $7.99 – Cat. No. 403.
Weapons, Armor & Castles of the Orient – 31 types of weapons and many variants, Samurai armor, 15 other suits of armor, plus helmets, 8 castle floor plans and one city. Compiled by Matthew Balent – 48 pages – only $7.99 – Cat. No. 404.
NEW! Exotic Weapons – Available now – 104 real world weapons from around the globe. Blow pipes, tiger claws, battle axes, chakram throwing rings, throwing sticks, African throwing irons, katar, kris, war clubs, swords, pole arms, lantern shields, whips, and more. Back due to popular demand. Historically accurate and suitable for use with D&D, Pathfinder, Palladium Fantasy (and all our RPGs), and ALL game systems. Compiled by Matthew Balent. New color cover – 48 pages – 100+ weapons – only $8.79 – Cat. No. 409.

NOTE: A similar sale is running on – enjoy. - Palladium Books - The Largest RPG Download Store!
Limited time sale. All items sold on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.


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